The Grand  Library Book

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The Grand Library


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There is a legend, about a place with all the answers, a legend about The Grand Library. As magic somehow made its way to our world, not everybody was ready. It changed people, it changed animals, it turned into a complete apocalypse. But there was a hero, who saved everybody by creating a barrier that protected one settlement, his name was Xavier Velrosh. That was several hundred years ago. Now people live in a massive city, split into five districts. Those with strong magic powers are privileged and live in the center, while those without them have to survive on the very edge and suffer the dangers of the close proximity to the protective dome. Trevor, a teenager born in the fourth district has a problem. He still isn't showing any signs of having any magic. Each evaluation shows a zero. As his schoolmates find out, he gets the nickname 'Zero', but then fate smiles upon him. His good friend, Liv, shows him a letter her ancestor got from one of the greatest mages in history who filled the shoes of Xavier Velrosh, a man named Lex Roy. In the letter, he mentions The Grand Library. Something that used to be just an urban legend now becomes reality. The search for a myth starts! Join the boy on his way to solve the mysteries, find his way through the magical world kept from him by those holding the power, and become a true legend. I will be posting this story on RoyalRoad.com