124 Do Not Try This At Home (Redux)

Elaborating on the compartmentalisation spellcasting process was easier for Markus because he played a crucial role in its development. Jean could hear the pride in Markus' voice as he accentuated certain nuances, and offered his personal insights. During this, Markus ensured that the explanation did not extend beyond Jean's level by peppering small anecdotes and relatable examples, just as he'd learned from Teacher Larks.

After a quick half an hour, Markus separated himself from Jean. "Let us follow the standard scientific process. Here, catch!" He commanded while tossing a small ball of coal towards Jean.

"Start by casing a standard |Fireball| but use a physical Source Component targetting this coal," he instructed.

Jean cast the |Fireball| using her wand, and flicked the materialised ball towards the rock outcrop. This time, the ball hurtled at a straight path and collided against the surface with an audible bang.


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