The godly duo

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What is The godly duo

Read ‘The godly duo’ Online for Free, written by the author Dolphin_king, This book is a Fantasy Novel, covering ACTION Fiction, ADVENTURE Light Novel, SYSTEM Internet Novel, and the synopsis is: Daniel a former lightweight mma fighter he was not a master of all martial arts but a jack of all trades unlike his olde...


Daniel a former lightweight mma fighter he was not a master of all martial arts but a jack of all trades unlike his older brother a former heavyweight ufc fighter who specialized in kickboxing and grappling and wrestling.the duo go to a store then all hell breaks lose will they be able to make it in this game like apocalypse? Well who knows not even I do. Daniel the more cunning brother and his older brother jose who is more Brutish ,but neither are dumb , but smart in their own fields they fight and bicker but they always have each others back. They work good apart but godly together because of an unusual bond that they share. I’ll do my best to do the math and keep the story in check there will not be much plot armor and I’ll keep the power system the same also I will try to keep the fights realistic Sorry if I don’t update often or finish I’m in school and very busy this is just a book for fun

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Author here I hope this story will be enjoyable and a lot of the things in the book are from the real world. Pls help me with anything that sounds out of place


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