The Godfather's Hidden Daughter

Fantasy Romance
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What is The Godfather's Hidden Daughter

Read The Godfather's Hidden Daughter novel written by the author OnikunStudios on WebNovel, This serial novel genre is Fantasy Romance stories, covering magic, mystery, sliceoflife, campus, devil. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


When Melina's parents die, she finds herself moving to a new city to live with a distant relative. But it seems that it's not the only change to her life. Her parents turn out to not be her real parents. And that's just the beginning of series of secrets coming out, including one that will change who she is forever. Will Melina be able to cope with the new world she has entered or will it devour her, leaving nothing but a broken corpse behind?

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16 Chs


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I have read through all the available chapters on a goal which goes to say how interesting & engaging the story is. I love the world the author(s) are building & I love how Melina is being characterized from the very start of chapter one. The writing quality is good, so is the grammar. Patiently waiting for the next chapter to drop. Well done author (s)


Very interesting premise, I look forward to more chapters and how the novel will develop in the future. author keep uploading more chapters, I will be looking forward to them. [img=recomendar]


This novel is truly a masterpiece. The novel is beautifully crafted, the characters are richly developed, and the story unfolds with breathtaking twists and turns. A literary masterpiece that will leave you awestruck and longing for another chapter. A must-read for all book lovers!"


I really liked it! The characters are lovely, especially the family. The story is descriptive enough and its an overall good ride if you're looking for some modern romance.


I really love mafia novels and all The world building is awesome Also the writing style is cool can't wait for more chapters 🧡


I love this novel. It made me feel like I am actually reading similarly like Godfather(Best mafia novel). With a twist of magic in the tag, i am hyped for more chaps. keep up!


Wow worth reading the book! I would recommend it to all! It is astonishing work, nicely written, and the plot is unique.


Wow, really interesting prologue, it got be completely hooked, hahaha 😅😅... Anyway, the book seems really promising and am so looking forward to more chapters from the author... Can't wait to know what happens to Melina at the end of the novel 😅😅


The plot is very interesting, and the way the author narrates the story really captures the reader's interest into thinking and visualizing the situation. The story somewhat gave me a mysterious vibe and I'm in for it! And the grammar! It's so good, I'll keep reading this to learn, adding it on my library now!


great read, to be true i don't like novel with female lead but this novel is different, no extra drama but pure emotion, Mystery setup was also 👌. this is only possible when you have experience of novel writing and have read bundle, author have both. sir i am really looking forward to next chapter. you don't really have to rush chapter release such delicate and perfect work needs time. thanks for the novel


The story is really interesting and beautiful! I see that the Author(s) have mixed various tropes. I hope that this one is really going to be interesting.


Writing Quality - Great third pov. Either way, I am a sucker for 3rd pov. There is feeling a of darkness and mystery as we see the journey of Mc. Story Development It is stable I felt it was slow during the initial first chapter but who doesn't live seeing Mc in pain and feeling the misery of losing her parents? Oh! you guys don't. Weird 😕.Character Design: My fav thing about this novel is that Mc is great She doesn't just get used to the family secret or any of her new family bs. She goes with the flow but can feel she just doesn't magically forget the people who took care of her for 10 years.Updating Stability: You are doing great work author. Quality over Quantity.World background: Full of mystery Satanic stuff. The author is just great at writing dark themes. Would love to see the school arc


Read if you like : Family bonding, deep dark secrets, coherent and immersive writing. Don’t read if: You’re bothered by supernatural evil since there are quite a few elements. (Not a spoiler since I didn’t specify). Golden thumb check. Secret identity check. Overprotective family check. Note: The story went dark quickly, yet still had humor. If only my inner religious child didn’t scream. Well, anyways my two cents


Although the atart is sad i really like the book, i like the name it was what pulled me to read the book, i like fhe fl personality and i cant wait to see more of her[img=recommend][img=recommend]


I read though and . I really liked it. It was good and all Keep up the good work. u will do great. hope to read more from you soon [img=recommend]


The story is dramatic at the beginning but who knows what will happen in the chapters that follow.Why not just read it for yourself ? The story is interesting and if you are into girls that give the impression of Wednesday , go for it ! I like the plot a lot and the way is written !Good luck , Author ! I am keeping your back !


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