4 Enhacements

After learning Ryujin Jakka's name, Rei continued to navigate the forest before finally making it out. Reaching an open dirt road traveling in two different directions Rei had no clue where he was. "Atleast im finally out of that forest." Walking onto the dirt path Rei began to think about exactly what he was going to do.

'Training should be a priority but so should tracking down those sound ninja.' Interrupting Rei's thoughts, Ryujin Jakka's voice entered his mind. "I would advise you to start your training as soon as possible. Despite your physical enhancements due to your body changing, you're still not strong enough to engage in combat."

It was then that something Ryujin Jakka said caught Rei's notice. "Wait what d o you mean physical enhance-'' Rei's words were cut short when he heard the sound of shrubby shaking. Turning around to the forest he had just walked out of Rei was greeted by a very large and furry figure. With a clear liquid dripping from its mouth onto the ground the creature standing before Rei was a bear and a massive one at that.

"Where did that come from?" Immediately placing his hand on Ryujin Jakka's hilt, the bear slowly made its way out of the forest. In size alone compared to Rei who had the height of around a twelve year old the bear was almost three times bigger than him. 'This is bad I must have entered its territory.'

Gritting his teeth Rei had barely any time to think as the bear raised its massive paw. With claws almost twice as long as his fingers Rei could only try and block. Releasing Ryujin Jakka from its sheath, the blade and the bear's claws made contact with one another. However it was this clash that left Rei in shock. "I stopped it?"

Though he was pushed back a couple of feet Rei had managed to fully stop the bears attack. Looking at Ryujin Jakka, Rei's expression changed to one of more confidence. 'So this is what you meant by enhancements.' Seeing its attack stopped so easily the bear opened its jaw letting out a loud roar. "RAAAR!"

Following after the bear's roar Rei acted, putting more strength into his arms he managed to briefly overpower the bear, knocking its paw to the side before backstepping. 'Even my speed has increased.' Feeling all of these physical difference's Rei decided to go on the offense. Being around ten meters from the bear Rei kept close to the ground before speeding towards the bear.

With his newly discovered speed Rei's left a trail of dust in his wake as he kept on hand on his sword handle and the other on the sheath. Seeing the small human coming toward it the bear roared once more raising its large front paw. Everything that happened next seemed like a blur to Rei as he enhanced both of his arms with Chakra.

Seeing the large bear's paw coming from his right, Rei ejected Ryujin Jakka out of its sheath using his thumb before grabbing its handle. Using his forward momentum he pivoted on his right leg dodging the bear attack just barely as one of its claws left a bloody gash across his cheek.

Seeing an opening Rei jumped in the hair with all his might reaching the level of the bear's head. "Gotcha!" Finally with one swift stroke using all the strength he could muster in his arms he swung. Cutting through multiple arteries and bones Rei managed to cut through the bears entire neck. As the bear's eyes lost their light its head toppled over landing on the ground causing blood to spray out of its neck.

Landing on the ground once again Rei watched as the bear's body toppled backwards creating a large thud the moment it landed on the ground. Coughing due to all of the dust that was kicked up Rei felt the sting on his cheek from the cut. But in the end his excitement overcame the pain as he looked at the bear's corpse.

"I can't believe I actually managed to kill it. And with barely any injuries." Taking a deep breath Rei swung Ryujin Jakka in the air causing the blood on its surface to splatter across the ground in an arc. Rei did feel slightly bad for killing the bear especially since he was the intruder but in the end, he didn't have a choice.

'But still killing a bear is a lot easier than killing a person.' Despite this victory, he was going to have to train hard as Ryujin Jakka said. Coming to that conclusion as much as Rei hated it he returned to the forest once again. Finding a decently open area in all of the tree's Rei decided this would be a better place than any.

Taking a moment to concentrate Rei looked down at Ryujin Jakka. 'So what am I going to be learning first?' Responding to Rei directly, Ryujin Jakka spoke to Rei directly inside of his head. "I will not be teaching you. Instead, I will be imparting the Kido spells into your mind directly. It will be up to you to master them." Rei showed confusion as he questioned Ryujin Jakka.

"Wait, you mean you're pretty much just going to give me a list and make me figure it out?" This time Rei spoke out loud, staring at Ryujin Jakka intensely until he finally received a response. "Yes." He was in utter disbelief. Though he wondered how Ryujin Jakka would teach him with it being a literal sword he still didn't expect this.

It was equivalent to your teacher handing you a book and telling you to figure the rest out. "Prepare yourself you may fall unconscious due to the pain felt from the sudden injection of information." Rei immediately snapped out of his disbelief when he heard Ryujin Jakka. "Wait what do you mean pain?"

Before Rei could dig any further into what Ryujin Jakka said he froze up. With a slight breeze blowing through the forest Rei's body turned limp as he fell face-first into the ground.

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