The Goblin's Leveling System!

Author: ShadowKatake
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What is The Goblin's Leveling System!

Read ‘The Goblin's Leveling System!’ Online for Free, written by the author ShadowKatake, This book is a Fantasy Novel, covering ACTION Fiction, ADVENTURE Light Novel, REINCARNATION Internet Novel, and the synopsis is: [Silver Tier Winner WPC #156 Male Lead- Goblins] [Hiatus]"Being a goblin isn't so bad. After all, I have a system for le...


[Silver Tier Winner WPC #156 Male Lead- Goblins] [Hiatus] "Being a goblin isn't so bad. After all, I have a system for leveling!", Axel Everheart Axel Everheart is a top student at a famous high school with good looks and he is someone who has it all. Due to his ignorance, he slips on a banana peel on the street. He hit his head and well... he died! After his unfortunate death, he reincarnated as the fantasy world's ugliest and weakest mob, a goblin to be precise. Unwilling to accept his fate, he aims to become the strongest goblin and find a way to become a human again. With the help of his system, will he achieve his goal? _______________________________________ Volume 1- What Will You Do If You Are Reincarnated With A Leveling System? Level Up, Obtain Skills And Stats! Volume 2- Preparation Is Complete! The Adventure Starts Now! _______________________________________ Cover Edited By: imagineTishaD Instagram: @imaginetishad _______________________________________ Written by: ShadowKatake Instagram: @katakekage _______________________________________ Discord Server: https://discord.gg/N7mP7v9S5w You can talk to me about anything about my novel whether you want to give me suggestions or want to know more about the novel. I can also chat with you there for fun as long as I'm online.

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Volume 0 :Auxiliary Volume
Volume 1 :What Will You Do If You Are Reincarnated With A Leveling System? Level Up, Obtain Skills And Stats!
Volume 2 :Preparation Is Complete! The Adventure Starts Now!
Volume 3 :Light And Darkness VS Evil: Humanities' War Aginst Demons


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Hello! This is the author who is shamelessly reviewing his novel! I wanted to say that I will do a mass release of 5 chapters if we reach 100 power votes. So sorry for the grammatical errors and I already edited it so you won't encounter something like that. Please do give me some suggestions on how to improve it. thank you for reading and have a great day!


I'll be honest to you author the story sacrificed character and world building to be a fast paced leveling and power ups the synopsis, prologue, and reason are all just tropes. the story is full of cliches which is not bad if used correctly but every character in your story are all 1 dimensional as I'm currently reading so to those who want to read this you need to turn off your brain to enjoy it think of the mc as you playing a character in a game not a character in a story.


I don't care abt the hate comments. I know that you already founded your foundations so you can't make some major changes so the thing you can at least do is to improve. The first chapters have flaws, I can clearly see that the logic we think is different in here. However, despite of all that flaws, the story still managed to hook me up because of the FUN. A pure fun. You don't mind the errors, but just go with the flow. I know that people can't see the plot but at least there is FUN in there. People already forget what is fun and just focus on errors. We can clearly see that this is the root of author's improvement. Such flaws can't be fixed in the past so at least try to mold the future. Hope that the author can at least plan before write, that us at least the suggestion I can give.


Honestly, the story is too fast paced. I mean we know nothing about the MC and the world. To be fair I only read 5 chapters but i dont like how fast paced it is. I hope you do well on your book.


I'm sure you won't be bored in reading this! this is a work of art! it has a lot of potentials! Both system and a goblin mc is fun to read. I want the author to update more!


if you can get past the bad grammar, over-generous rewards, bad punctuation, and it being forced pretty badly, I am sure you will enjoy it. JA NE


honestly ita too much like the levels and the system and everything is just too overpowering and it doesnt have that tag the synopsis makes it seem like itll be way harder than what it is for the mc and well everything kinda just falls in his lap the characters hold barely substance in their personalities and the mc "remembers" all hes done on earth which is alot but it happens at random times ig the author was trying to flush out his character more but like it didnt work and was kinda annoying after a bit like ik mc is a genius amd what not but like again remembering all that stuff should have been in the beggining instead of in the middle also and he just gets to op to soon and his personality well what i can make of it at least is to say erratic not ero but like chaotic and never really focusses on one thing or another story doesnt feel natural at all and im more than comfy with isekie


Even though the idea of the world that the novel built upon is not completely new and unique, it is a good read. The plot is interesting, but sometimes I feel the MC unusual know it all. The characters might need more design. However, I only read just ten chapters. Will keep reading more. I will update the review when I read more.


Goblins and System! WOW! I mean this is what is supposed be to brilliant mixture of tropes. I love how the tropes have been blended together to come up with something new for the readers.


The MC is stupid, illogical, and arrogant -destroys half the kingdom because the guards wont let him enter. -Says he wants to get stronger quickly and wants a powerful skill. Gets two random powerful skill but says he'll save it for later(illogical since he's incredibly weak and the skills are random, should've just recieved them and train(though his luck and plot armor might give him what he needs so not really illogical I guess)). The King is stupid and illogical -MC destroys half his kingdom but he's the one apologising and compensating the MC, feels like the MC can ràpe his daughter and he will even reward the MC for it(though might be considered smart but he acted too cowardly) -Gets angry later when the MC talks arrogantly with him(even though he always do and had no problems). -Gets shocked when MC defeated a level 300 Royal guard even though he knew the MC one shotted a level 500 dragon a day ago.


DISGUSTING...... _________ _____________ _______________ ______________________ ____________________________ __________________________________ __________________________________________ _______________________________________________ ______________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________ The novels synopsis well - i dunno what to say much.. But the covers pretty bad man- Try to effort in cover since its an original novel not fanfic... I suggest there should be a goblin and a handsome boy facing each sides... Not just a handsome boii since your title is about goblin- do create a goblin...


well i did not read any thing .. but to support your future novels. my score .. 5.0 .......................................................


I like your work, That's definitely true. But i just think that story is so fast but even if it fast it still entertains us the reader. Keep the Good work continues cause we reader love your work and hopes that you and us reader can see the ending of this story.


I can see a lot of references you get from reading other books. It's pretty neat but the pacing is really fast unless that is your goal. I personally don't like the writing quality, I get confused sometimes. But it is readable.[img=recommend][img=coins]


Reveal spoiler


just want to give it five stars as I really like it. and want others to read it.....................................................................


I like how this book starts out with how he a genius highschool boy and he still doesn’t have a girlfriend yet but then he is going to go get his noble prize then he slips on a banana and falls and dies. To me it sort of give off that reincarnation vibe or a vibe like this book is going to be amazing to read and the further I read in the better I’m liking the story line. Also even though im not a person that make manga’s or comics to me I’m thinking that this book or novel would turn out to be a really good comic or manga even though it has up to 800-900 correct me ot im wrong but it’s a really outstanding book and it peaked my interest. 👍🏻


I haven't read it yet, but from what I can tell he won't kill human(innocent or not) because his goal is to become HUMAN again. Maybe I'm wrong but don't worry I'll give a positive star ⭐ in review.


Reveal spoiler


I'm not good at making superb review but I will recommend this masterpiece though the the other grammar is not capable with other sentences. I will support you. Hehe salamat sa iyo? that's a thank you for Filipino word right?


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