Miss Bai, who has no particular background, 163 (Second Update)_2

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The next day, Sunday.

Xin'an Community.

Shen Qing's hair had grown a few centimeters, and she was squeezing in beside Ji Shaojun.

"Who exactly are those two people?" Shen Qing didn't dare to stay outside, especially the old man, who always looked at people with scrutiny.

Ji Shaojun looked at her and repeated the same phrase, "It's nothing."

Shen Qing took a pile of fruit outside.

Ji Heng and the butler sat on the sofa, occasionally talking about something, while Xiaojie stood next to them, majestically.

"Take a seat," Shen Qing said to Xiaojie, giving an awkward smile.

Xiaojie shook his head at her without speaking.

He was even cooler than Xiaoming.

Shen Qing didn't say anything else; she placed the fruit on the table.

The butler watched Shen Qing do this, and then glanced at Ji Shaojun cooking in the kitchen, sighing once again; he had not stepped into the kitchen for so many years...

These two people.

They had a long way to go.