Ji Heng's secret, the villain causes trouble_3

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Took a photo of the Guzheng.

Bai Student: [[Image]]

Bai Student: [288w?]

Jiang Fulai selected "Bai Student: [Image]" to reply: [You still take the best photos]

Teacher Jiang: [Next time I'll let you take all the photos]

Bai Lian: "..."


Dean Jian stayed in Xiangcheng for several days.

Because his erhu music had blown up, a lot of musicians had come to Xiangcheng lately, all wanting to perform on the public stage in Xiangdong, among them some internet sensations.

Many videos became viral, reaching a phenomenon level.

The hype about Dean Jian gradually got overshadowed by these people, and he finally could step out of the Ji Family to take a good look around the city's east side.

Xiangcheng Mansion.

Jian Zhonghai hadn't managed to find Jian Zhongyou during this time and seemed to age years in an instant, his gaze filled with deep world-weariness: "He still refuses to see me, huh."

"Your elder uncle might not know you're here," Jian's assistant comforted Jian Zhonghai.