161 Young Master Jiang: Haven't hugged yet today (second update)_1

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"Principal, we've worked through this book before, and I've marked all the worthwhile problems for Ning Xiao and the others. See if you can print it," Bai Lian placed her backpack on the table.

One of the books was a problem set brought to her by Jiang Fulai from Jiangjing Affiliated Middle School this year.

Most of the advanced problems were in their problem set.

When Bai Lian and Ning Xiao worked on it, they marked all the useful problems individually.

The other was new problem types they had excerpted from the Jiangjing University app, which were quite challenging.

She had asked Jiang Fulai whether it was okay to show it to others, and upon hearing it was, she originally intended to give it to Yang Lin. Now, she directly handed it to the principal to photocopy the main problems for everyone.

This way, Yang Lin had no reason to refuse.

"What's this?" The principal asked in surprise, taking it. As he looked down, he saw the bold text—