136 College Entrance Exam Top Scorer Betting Pool_2

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"The model was created by herself; the whole report is professional in terminology, logical, 99 points." Amidst the endless reversals, a somewhat numbed professor awarded a high score.

The reason for not giving a full score was because everyone still has room for improvement.

"Thank you, Professor," Bai Lian bowed in thanks.

With that, the last group of students finished their presentation.

The professors stood up one by one and started to leave the room. The back door was open, but all the professors exited through the front door, nodding and greeting Bai Lian with kindness as they passed her.

This was a student who was able to participate in particle wave modeling as early as high school.

She might very well be the next He Wen.

Once outside, the professors began to discuss quietly among themselves, "Who is she? Why have we never heard of her before? That shouldn't be the case."