135 Face Slap, Second Work by Bai Lian (Second Update)_3

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A black wooden hairpin was at the back of her head, and her hair was all tied up, revealing a long, slender neck.

She went up with a USB drive and bent over to open their group's PowerPoint presentation.

The speaker was Bai Lian because only she was familiar with these professional terms. Wang Xu had created the PowerPoint, and Bai Lian had already gone over it several times before.

In the middle.

Ling Ziyao glanced at Wang Xu, looking at Bai Lian and the others with a sarcastic gaze.

Wang Xu glared back coldly at Ling Ziyao.

Song Min was somewhat distrustful, an expression of skepticism that he had harbored towards Bai Lian all his life, "Letting her present, are you sure there won't be any mistakes?"

With that said, those who didn't know Bai Lian, such as Wang Xu, also quietly asked Tang Ming, "Right, I just heard Liang Wuyu's voice shaking. Can she handle it?"