The Girls All Want To Make A Demon Of Me Book

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The Girls All Want To Make A Demon Of Me

Tenderloin Mooncake

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Jiang Hong crossed over and got the Attribute Point Addition System at the beginning. Whether it was farming and eating, or wandering and listening to music, he could randomly get attribute additions. Among them, taking advantage of his senior sister gave him the most attribute points, so he embarked on a path of taking advantage of others. "You communicate with your senior sister on the Dao." "Physique +0.1." "You sat with your senior sister at sunset all day today, but nothing happened." "Enlightenment +0.1" "Sister praised you for being a bad man." "Enlightenment +0.1" "Sister praised you for being a bad man." "Physique +0.1" He thought of picking up the attributes to become the strongest, but as soon as his senior sister, whom he had not seen for two years, returned and put the knife on his neck, saying that he was a world-exterminating devil and a disloyal man. She said he would eventually bring about the world's demise and wanted to cut him down. Jiang Hong was speechless. "Sister, you are delusional, right? I just like to take advantage of people. Do you have to make up this kind of excuse?" Jiang Hong just wanted to silently pick up attributes, eliminate the devil, and defend justice. Then he would become invincible and become the symbol of the righteous. "How come people always say I'm a big devil and a bad guy?"


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