3 Continuing the first day of school

Note: This chapter is continued exactly from where it was left in the first chapter.



I looked at the other paper that contained my locker number in confusion, but I was pulled out of my thoughts as the principal spoke up.

"Since it's your first day here, I will follow you to your first class which I assume is Miss Green's English class," the principal Mrs. Rider said in a deep voice.

"I would’ve gotten lost and miss my first class and you know that would cause a lot of misunderstanding, so thanks for making things easier for me," Charlie answered back with a grateful expression on her thin face.

"Let's get going then shall we?” Mrs. Rider states before she flashed Charlie a dazzling smile.

After walking for a few minutes, Mrs. Rider stood a few centimeters away from what I think is my English class and gladly the classroom door was already opened, so Mrs. Rider and I didn't waste any time getting inside. I wasn't surprised that everyone including the teacher stopped what they were doing as we made an entrance.

"I swear I am wearing straight black to school tomorrow because maybe my bright colors are getting to everyone's head," Charlie bites her lip as she spoke to herself inwardly.

The way the silence was deafening, you could drop a pin on the ground and hear it. I let out a sigh of relief when Mrs. Rider broke the awkward silence by introducing me to the whole class.

"Everyone, this is a new student here at York Browns High, her name is Charlie Brown and I want you all to be friendly and don't let her feel unwelcome," Mrs. Rider stated quickly before she walked back to her office in a rush.

"Hello, I’m Miss Green. It's nice to meet you. I hope you enjoy your stay here and feel free to come to talk to me anytime about anything. Mr. Rider, can you raise your hand, so Miss Brown here knows where you sit so she can sit beside you," Miss Green says sternly.

I searched the classroom to see the person I was supposed to sit beside. A few seconds later I spotted a hand and guess whose hand it was? If you guessed that it was the guy I was checking out this morning, then you're correct. My day just keeps getting worse ain't it? Moments later I sat down beside the hot guy that wouldn't stop smirking and checking me out. I mean does the guy ever smile?

I focused on what the teacher was saying and took down notes off the board. But then Miss Green unexpectedly diverted the topic we were on and started talking about a story.

"Has anyone ever read the book entitled Family Issues? And would like to share with the class what they’ve learned from the story or at least share your views on the book?" Miss Green asked in a hopeful voice.

The whole class was silent and I was surprised when I held my hand up and saw that I was the only student who read the story. I went in front of the class and began to explain my views on the sad story.

"My views on the story entitled the 'Family issues' is that Martha shouldn't have given up on her family, I know it's not easy being a mother yet alone a wife. It's quite stressful at times, but she should’ve found at least one good memory that could help in fighting for her marriage. I know her husband doesn't look at her like he used to, but she should have tried harder to keep her family together rather than help her husband break it all into pieces. Martha shouldn't have listened to her friends that told her drinking was the answer. I think Martha should have been more responsible and be there when her children needed her the most, instead of being violent to them. Martha needs to understand that some wounds never heal; they just stop bleeding,” Charlie spoke up in a soothing voice, with tears in her bright full eyes.

The whole classroom clapped including the teacher and it wasn't until now that I realized that I was crying. The story was nearly similar to my present situation, But what surprised me was what Miss Green said.

"That was beautiful Miss brown, that's exactly what my views were when I read the story myself. When you were speaking, I felt the connection as if I was there and as if the story came to life, perhaps you want to become an Actor someday?" Miss Green questioned with her eyebrows perked upwards.

"Thank you, And yes I hope to become an Actor someday," Charlie replied back in a respectful voice.

I went back to my seat after I dried my tears. I couldn't let my classmates nor my teacher see me like this, so I placed my usual fake smile on my face and sat back down in my seat. I was deeply in my thoughts until I felt someone touch me on my arm, I turned my head to the side to look at the person who touched me. I wasn't thrilled nor surprised to see that the person was Ryan. I looked at him in confusion when he whispered in my ear.

"You did well. I felt the connection and it’s nothing compared to what I’ve ever ex[erienced before," Ryan added with an impressed expression plastered on his smooth face.

"Thank you. That means a lot," Charlie stated with half of a smile.

I was surprised again when I felt Ryan's teeth on my ear, softly biting it and sending tingles down my spine in the process. And just when I thought he was done, he sniffed my neck, making my face go red, I didn't need a glass to know that I was red like a tomato, but what he said next startled me.

"By the way, vanilla shampoo is my favorite," Ryan commented with satisfaction and amusement evident in his voice.

With that, he walked out to his next class leaving me confused and dreamy. I got up swiftly and walked to the other class I had, not that I knew where I was going, but I have to take the risk because I'm not left with any choice.

*A few minutes before Charlie entered the classroom (Ryan Rider POV....)*

I sat in my seat thinking back at what the new girl from this morning said. I’m quite shocked and embarrassed by what she said, but she is one hot chick. I am thinking maybe she can give me some good routines in my bed sometimes, it's how these girls are. Two sweet words and they all end up in my bed, so this girl is no different. Even though her smile didn't reach her eyes I still find her attractive. I don't know what's wrong with me because it's not like I ever think about anyone so much, so why now? And what bothers me the most is that I can't get her out of my head........

I was pulled out of my thoughts, as I saw my mom walk into my class with the new girl. A few seconds later my mum introduced her to the whole class and then hurriedly walked back to her office, but not before giving me a warm smile that I quickly returned. I smiled as I finally knew her name, it's a cute name for a pretty face. Her name sounds familiar, but I don't know how but I'll find out how sooner or later. I listened as my teacher called my last name, saying that I should raise my hand for Charlie to see where I sat for her to know where she was going to be seated.

I did, as I was told, and put on my usual smirk on my face. I was happy for what reason I don't quite understand, maybe it's what I ate this morning for breakfast. Seconds later she sat beside me, she didn't even spare me a glance. I have been deeply hurt again and please don’t ask me why because my emotions are getting the best of me.

Miss Green then changed the topic and started talking about this book called the silver lining. She asked questions about it, like if we ever read it before and what are our views on the story. To my surprise, Charlie raised her hand and I put my full attention to her and placed my phone in my pocket as I listened as she began to speak. She was speaking like an actor as they call it, I swear I felt the effect when she talked and I felt bad for her because what she was saying was painful even though it is a story it felt real. After she finished talking she held her face up. And that's when I noticed tears running down her cheeks, I was the only one who saw them though and again it pained my heart to see her tears.

There's something about her that pulls me to her, I don't know what but there is just something about her that I don't understand and I’m going to find out what it was. She dried her tears and put on a smile I knew was fake.

Seconds later, when she got back to her seat she was so deep in her thoughts that I doubt she heard the bell rung so I touched her arm and watched as she looked at me in confusion, but then I had an urge today something to her so I did...

I whispered slowly in her ear that the bell rang, and finished off by biting her ears softly and sniffed her and said:

"By the way vanilla is my favorite," I spoke up before walking away.

Satisfied with what I did I walked out to my next class not looking back.


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