45 Birthday & Surprise Proposal

Am sorry for not uploading a chapter yesterday guys, I was super tired and my hands hurt even now because of my dedication to this book and my christmas book. It slipped my mind to share the link to my third book entitled: Reuniting With My Ex-Husband On Christmas, but no worry's I'll post the website as soon as this chapter is posted. I need some reviews for the book as well, so if you guys could show your girl some love, I'll appreciate it yeah!!!

I apologize for pausing True Love Hurts, but it was too much pressure because I had to be typing 4 books all at once, blah, blah,blah. I'm planning to finish off The Broken Girl this month, and to say am excited is an understatement.

I will start the chapter by letting you all know the winner of the Music Competition, so I'm going to retreat my steps back little so don't get confused.

Anyways enjoy!!!!


At JDC Stadium


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