17 Concerned About Your Country And Your People

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To her surprise, the robot butler named Amy addressed her by Professor Lu Jia'er. Was it because its application program had been written specifically for her?

"Hi, Amy! My name is Su Han!" Su Han was excited and said hello to Amy first.

Amy stared at Su Han and then said, "Hi, Su Han the beauty!"

"How honey-mouthed! I like it!" Su Han expressed her love after the robot's compliment.

Lu Jia'er glanced at Amy and had to admit that the exterior design of the AI products produced by BUA were so cute that one could hardly reject it. The program was no exception! It was extraordinary that the AI products produced by Jin Xiangdong's company had become the most competitive products at home and abroad in just a few years, and now it was easy to see why.

Now that Lu Jia'er had promised to join his team, she would begin to study machines from now on although she was used to studying human behavior.

"Amy, what can you do?" Lu Jia'er asked.

"Professor Lu, what do you need me to do for you?" Amy blinked with cute eyes.

It called her Professor Lu once more. Lu Jia'er presumed that this robot had been tested by Jin Xiangdong in person.

Having such a cute robot in front of her, Lu Jia'er was eager to have a try. "Help me pour a glass of water!"

"Okay! Professor Lu! But could you tell me where the water and glasses are so I can assist you properly?" Amy said.

"I will show you around the kitchen!" Lu Jia'er said.

"Okay! Professor Lu!" Amy said.

So Lu Jia'er took Amy for a tour around the kitchen. After Amy learned the location of the glasses, it picked up a glass and placed it on a marble counter. Then it asked, "Professor Lu, would you like warm water or cold water?"

After Su Han had heard the robot's response, her eyes gleamed. She praised again, "Amy is so considerate!"

"Cold water!" Lu Jia'er said.

Amy scanned the body of Lu Jia'er with its eyes, and then said, "The summer weather is hot but try to drink less cold water!"

Lu Jia'er's eyes showed surprise. The robot's IQ was very close to that of humans. But since she was not supposed to drink cold water, why had it offered her the option in the first place?

"Then give me a glass of warm water!" Lu Jia'er said.

"Okay! Professor Lu. I will provide the warm water you requested in fifteen minutes!" Amy said.

Lu Jiaer and Su Han looked at each other as they heard the robot's response. They had felt the strength of AI in just a few minutes.

Lu Jia'er sat on the sofa with her back against the supporting cushions. Su Han followed suit.

"I feel that there is one more person here at home!" Lu Jia'er looked at the ceiling and said.

"I don't care!" Su Han also looked at the ceiling as she replied.

Lu Jia'er turned around and looked at her. "You certainly don't care. If we have Amy, in a year, your laziness will definitely be beyond the ability to remedy!"

"The thoroughly spoiled humanity will have zero self-care ability from that point forth!" Lu Jia'er expressed her worry.

"Professor Lu, aren't you too concerned about your country and your people!" Su Han said.

Lu Jia'er gave no response but immersed herself in contemplation. If AI was developed into perfection with a human mindset, what would it be like?

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