32 Vilest Plan Throughout History

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Xiao Luo was quiet. This plan was another one of Chu Yue's tricks. He unconsciously revealed a smooth arc at the corner of his mouth as he replied, "I've only played pool. Never tried snooker before!"

Fu Jiawei chuckled in his heart: It would be odd if you'd tried something as high class as snooker!

His expression was calm as he pointed to a place not far from the dance floor. "Well, are you interested? I happen to have a snooker table over here."

Looking in the direction where Fu Jiawei was pointing, an open-air building that looked like a giant white swan came into view. Inside was a snooker table. There were fifteen red balls and six colored balls and holes at all four corners and the center of the two longer sides of the table. The green surface of the table was as smooth as a mirror.

Xiao Luo smiled, "I can give it a try!"

He doesn't mind giving these people a lesson and earning some points in the process.


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