5 The Little Beggar Girl

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As his right foot pounded firmly on Hua Haifeng's chest, the force of the impact surging outward from the center point of attack.


A sad and blood-curdling screech rang out of Hua Haifeng's body, which weighed 65 kilograms. He flew backward immediately as if hit by a locomotive and fell hard on the solid ground four or five meters away.

His teeth bit through his tongue, and blood flowed in a mad gush, streaming from the corners of his mouth. Feeling as if his internal organs had been rearranged, Hua Haifeng lay on the ground, moaning in pain.

That move by Xiao Luo's foot was like an attack from the legendary aquatic dragon--a complete whirlwind executed in one smooth motion. It was direct and efficient!

Zhao Mengqi was wholly stunned and stood motionless. Her eyes were wide, and she looked at Xiao Luo with an incredulous expression as he exuded a murderous air. She simply could not believe Hua Haifeng was kicked four or five meters away by Xiao Luo.

"DING, Congratulations. You've earned fifty points!" The system notified.

"Fifty points? How did I get fifty points?"

Xiao Luo looked around, only to find four security guards at the main entrance who had also seen what happened.

The four security guards quickly ran to them.

"Young Master Hua!"

The four of them, together with Zhao Mengqi, who had regained her composure, supported Hua Haifeng to stand up.

Hua Haifeng was furious. He pointed at Xiao Luo and bellowed, "Beat him up. I want him dead. He won't be taking one step out of Huahai's door!"

The four security guards did not dare to disobey. Besides, this was an opportunity to distinguish themselves and prove their mettle. Who could say for sure, perhaps they would be able to accomplish a shocking achievement all of a sudden simply because they taught someone a lesson on behalf of Hua Haifeng. Although they witnessed Xiao Luo's power, they still pulled out the black iron truncheons hanging at their waists and threw themselves at him.

Why would Xiao Luo be afraid of mere security guards who watched the entrance? Without relinquishing the box, he executed a series of kicks and jabs with his legs. Each foot landed squarely on a security guard's chest. Four voices screamed; the four security guards were thrown backward like Hua Haifeng. Even the iron truncheons in their hands dropped to the ground.

At this moment, the anger had drained out of Hua Haifeng. He looked at Xiao Luo in extreme horror; it was as if he had seen a ghost in broad daylight. He shivered when Xiao Luo's gaze locked on him. Cold sweat instantly broke out across his body. He could not believe that Xiao Luo could have such freakish and terrifying skills.

Zhao Mengqi was in the same state. She now felt that Xiao Luo was even more of a stranger. This was not the Xiao Luo she knew before.

When Xiao Luo walked toward Hua Haifeng, she subconsciously placed herself in front of him and stared at Xiao Luo nervously, "Xiao Luo, what... What do you want?"

Xiao Luo ignored her. He just smiled and looked at the badly frightened Hua Haifeng. He said in a chiding tone, "Young Master Hua, if you have nothing to do, don't go around grabbing other people's collar. That's very ill-mannered of you. I warned you, but you didn't let go. You shouldn't be indignant about getting a kick from me." His gaze turned toward Zhao Mengqi, and he said with a grin," Everyone wants to wear the princess's robe, but for how long can you wear it? Three months or half a year?"

A tremor went through Zhao Mengqi's body. Xiao Luo's words stabbed right at her worry.

Yes, although she became Hua Haifeng's girlfriend as she wished, Zhao Mangqi did not have the slightest sense of security and always felt that she could be abandoned by him at any moment. This was also the main reason she went to look for Xiao Luo today. Deep down in her heart, she still hoped to have him as her back-up plan, which would give her a sense of security.

"Of course, this is just my advice. Feel free to disregard it!"

After saying this, Xiao Luo left without looking back.

Zhao Mengqi seemed to have lost her soul all of a sudden. She stood there in the same spot, looking like an idiot. She thought that breaking up with Xiao Luo was definitely the right thing to do. But when the man really turned and left, the only thing she felt was an infinite sense of loss, sadness, and loneliness.

Every little detail of her four years living with this man emerged in a non-stop stream in her mind. Every scene was normal and ordinary, but she could not let go of them entirely.

She missed the egg fried rice Xiao Luo made, his meticulous care when she was ill, and even more so his narrow but hot chest.... She had to admit that her four-year romantic relationship with him was the best time of her life.

Looking at Xiao Luo's back as he left, her vision was slowly blurred by tears. Her feelings became indescribably complicated; she felt as if she had lost a crucial thing!


Walking along the bustling street, Xiao Luo felt a lightness he had never experienced before. For a while, he couldn't explain why he was in such a mood. Perhaps it was because he had seen Zhao Mengqi's true nature, or could it be because he had left Huahai Corporation?

Not long after, he came to the entrance of a department store, and his gaze landed on a corner of the square.

There was a little girl in rags, about seven or eight years old. She was begging from the flow of tourists.

The little girl was unkempt, her long black hair so filthy and messy that knots had already started to form. Her legs were curved in an abnormal state, and her leg muscles were severely atrophied. She could not stand up and walk; she could only rely on her young and tender hands to slowly crawl forward like a poor little seal as she pushed along a chipped bowl.

Her long trouser legs dragged windingly on the ground. They were covered in dust and looked like two filthy rags. After a while, the little beggar girl crawled to his feet and shook the chipped bowl gently. The sound of coins clanking against the container rang out.

Xiao Luo lowered his head, and his gaze collided with the little girl. Although she was dirty and even emitted a pungent odor, her eyes were crystal clear and alert, so bright that they resembled the stars in the sky.

"Please, do a good deed and give me a few bucks!" The little girl said, hopefully.

Xiao Luo saw that she was pitiful, so he lowered the box, took out a two-dollar note from his pocket, and put it in the bowl.

"Thank you, mister. Buddha will bless you!" The little girl kowtowed and put her hands together palm to palm.

The people of Jiangcheng believed in the Buddha, and there was nothing wrong with the little girl's words of gratitude.

Xiao Luo thought she was very bright and quick-witted, so he then took out two ten-dollar notes and stuffed them into her pocket. "Quickly go home and get your family to buy you something delicious."

He truly felt that the little girl was pitiful. She was still so young but had to suffer like this.


The little girl's petite body trembled slightly, and her bright eyes became lifeless. She seemed to be mumbling to herself, or perhaps she was recounting her tale, "I have no home now."

She revealed a great sadness and loneliness despite her young age. Her eyes became red, forming two reddish circles.

Xiao Luo was puzzled. "Everyone has a home and parents. Why don't you have a home?"

The little girl shook her head and then smiled staunchly, she changed the subject and said, "You're a good person, thank you."

After that, she moved her petite body with great difficulty and crawled away.

Xiao Luo thought this little girl was extraordinary; she had a story. After thinking about it, he quietly followed her...

She finally crawled into a gloomy alley, where a young man with an ugly and ferocious countenance was waiting.

Seeing her return, the young man put the knife he was playing with back into his pocket and walked up to the girl. He looked down at the chipped bowl that she used for begging and immediately flew into a rage. He kicked the little girl aside, "Motherf*cker, you're knocking off after getting only this little bit of money? You motherf*cking brat don't want to eat today? "

"You dare to stop begging? I'll teach you a lesson today!"

The angry young man had a fierce and sinister expression. He rolled up his sleeves and rushed toward her, grabbing the little girl's hair with one motion and raising her entire body into the air.

"It hurts.... it hurts ..."

Her feet were lifted off the ground, and the intense pain made her cry. She felt so aggrieved.

"Why are you crying? Hold it in!"

The young man slapped her with his hand. "Pow." He hit her again. Huge slaps landed on the girl's face in succession, with no concern for her at all.

She could only endure the pain, gritting her teeth to keep herself from crying out, but the tears kept overflowing. Her face was swollen and distorted.

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