A sudden explosion at the headquarters of the Global Magic Association shocked the entire world.

Audrey Davis, the strongest mage of the 21st century and the first generation of the Saint Magister, died at the age of 28 due to a magic accident.

This day, which was later called the day of God's death, caused mages around the world to mourn.

This was because a 28-year-old Saint Magister was rarely seen since ancient times. It was entirely possible for him to attempt to break through to the realm of the legendary gods.

Unfortunately, the heavens were jealous of geniuses...

Jones Empire.

Starfire city, Davis family.

"Combat aura level-1, failed," said the clan elder indifferently on the assessment field.

A young girl stood in front of him. She was about 18 years old and had golden hair. Her blue eyes were as pure as the sea, and her beautiful face was filled with confusion.

The crowd burst into laughter.

"Haha, how many times has Audrey Davis failed? If I remember correctly, it should be the 13th time, right?"

"She has been cultivating for so many years, but her battle spirit is only at the first level. Is she a pig? No, no, no... even pigs are smarter than her."

"She's the daughter of the patriarch, but she's actually so incompetent. She's simply a disgrace to our Davis family."


Today was the day of the Davis family's assessment. All the younger generation members of the family had gathered together.

"Audrey, this is the 13th time that you've failed. The family has decided not to provide you with any more cultivation resources."

The Daivs family's old Izzy said coldly.

Such trash. It would be a waste to use any more resources of the family on her.

If Audrey Davis was not the daughter of the patriarch, she would have had her supply cut off a few years ago.

The people around them sighed. Some sighed, some felt helpless, some mocked, and some gloated...

If the family cut off her supplies, it was equivalent to being completely abandoned by the family.

Trash had no value, even if she was the patriarch's daughter.

In this world, strength was everything. Only by controlling power could one obtain dignity.

Audrey was silent. She did not panic or feel angry. She did not even look at the patriarch and the people around her, as if she was not the one who had been abandoned.

"I've actually transmigrated!"

Audrey looked at the unfamiliar world and the unfamiliar crowd around her. For a long time, she was speechless.

At the moment when her magic experiment failed, she thought that she would die without a doubt.

She did not expect... that God would actually give her a chance to do it all over again.

As a Saint Magister, she was an existence that was infinitely close to God, Audrey's adaptability was very strong.

She ignored the gazes of the elders and the people around her and quickly digested the memories of the owner of this body.

Coincidentally, the owner of this body was also called Audrey Davis, having the same name as her.

However, unlike the world-famous genius Saint Magister Audrey Davis, the owner of this body was known as a piece of trash in the family. She had been bullied and ridiculed since she was young.

"There's no magic in this world, only combat aura?"

Audrey was a little surprised. From the young girl's memories, she did not find any information about magic. The entire world was about cultivating something called combat aura.

"Audrey, do you have any objections to the family's decision?"

Seeing Audrey standing still, the Davis family elder frowned slightly and said in an unhappy voice.

"No objections. I will follow the family's decision."

Audrey returned to her senses, smiled and bowed slightly, then turned around and left.

The Davis elder looked at Audrey's back in surprise. He did not see any disappointment or unwillingness in Audrey's eyes. Instead, there was indescribable vigor and confidence.

How could a woman who had just been abandoned by the family have such an expression?

Walking out of the assessment field, Audrey closed her eyes slightly and felt the abundant elemental energy in the world. She opened her hands as if she wanted to embrace the entire world. "This is truly a perfect world."

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