48 048: Slapped on the spot

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"Big sister, do you know what you're saying? How could you insult me in this way?"

After hearing the 'explanation' from Qin Yi and Jing Lu, her mood immediately turned better. Jing Qian knew that this was because the previous owner had forgiven this pair of dogs.

In fact, it really didn't matter whether or not the previous owner had forgiven her. The problem here was that her body still had remnants of the previous owner's consciousness. Therefore, whenever the previous owner felt heartbroken, she would feel it as well.

For a man that she despised, even if he offered to lick her foot, Jing Qian couldn't accept the fact that she felt heartbroken over him.

"I'm insulting you?" Jing Qian sneered.

"In this cold winter weather, you came all the way to Qin Yi's house early in the morning, barefooted, just to get some documents?"

Qin Yi and Mother Qin turned around and looked at Jing Lu, who was barefooted and wearing thin clothing… 


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