28 028: Why did he think "again"?

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Jing Qian first looked at the door with the hole in it, and then the wooden floor. She picked up the clock, which already died, and said with a depressed face, "Oh no, it broke. I'm… I'm so sorry grandfather. I have a habit of sleepwalking, which was what happened just now." 

Master Zhan was puzzled, while Butler Xu simply thought, 'I'll just sit back and watch your performance.'

Jing Qian explained to Master Zhan, an apologetic look on her face, "The truth is that I was dreaming that my sister had been kidnapped and we were attempting to save her with the help of the police. My dad had already sneaked into the enemy's territory along with the police and had told my sister to keep quiet. 

"However, she decided to scream for help, and in order to save her, my dad was severely injured due to one of the kidnappers. I was very angry, which is why I screamed at her. I picked up a brick that was beside me and threw it towards the kidnapper. 


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