The Genius Doctor, My Wife, Is Valiant

Father: "Qianqian, he may be a quadriplegic but as long as you agree to marry him, our company will be saved!" Mother: "Plus, your younger sister would be able to get the best treatment for her heart condition." Fiance: "If you did it, you would be able to help me get more resources while keeping yourself pure and clean!" Everyone around sympathise with Jing Qian's misery. She was a young girl and now her future was ruined as she would be married to a quadriplegic. Not only did she have to write songs for her younger sister to shape her sister as a genius musician, but she was also forced to get resources for her fiance who was an actor. Even after doing all these, she was still betrayed by the two of them as a bright, green light glowed from the top of her head. *OH! When Jing Qian opened her eyes again after the rebirth, she realized that she was now this sad, little girl. As she was a frightening villain in her previous life, she decided to have some fun with her new life now. She became a celebrity, a genius doctor, an entrepreneur that owns a winery and a cosmeceuticals company...... she was having so much fun! Her life was glowing so brightly that it blinded the pair of dogs that betrayed her. However..... after getting rid of the 'green-tea fiance of hers, she was now stuck with a 'white lotus husband who was always around her, pretending to be sick. "I've already treated you and completed my task here. What else do you want?! Let go! I want a divorce!" "Dear, I still feel uncomfortable here." When she looked at the man who wasn't even being sincere while pretending to be a sick person, hang onto her like a huge pendant, Jing Qian burst out in anger; "Zhan Lichuan! Did you throw away your image as a cold, arrogant man?!"

Yuan Lai · Fantasy
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1298 Chs

016: She got pissed off again

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As Zhan Yuheng was walking up the stairs, he ran into Jing Qian, who was coming down the stairs at the same time.

She no longer wore the body-hugging, shimmery mini dress from before. Instead, she was now dressed in a loose, white, cashmere, round-necked sweater, paired with some jeans and a pair of white velvet Hermes slippers.

Her long, chestnut-colored hair was slightly curled and lazily scattered on one side. As she walked down the stairs, it gently moved around her shoulder and fair, swan-like neck.

While she was walking, her slender waist, which was partly hidden, now looked more graceful than before. The effect was even more charming and attractive than the tight-fitting dress from before.

She had minimal makeup on, but it was delicate and suited her well. Her eyebrows gave her a graceful look, and even when they were paired with her bright, glamorous eyes, the effect was surprisingly natural.