1 001 Forcefully Hacked

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"Young Mistress, you don't need to personally experience regret to know what the word means. It was clearly stated in the contract that if you were caught having an affair, we would withdraw everything we'd given your family, along with all the profit that your family made during this period of time."


"Young Mistress, the Zhan family is very well known. Although the third young master has encountered some misfortune, the family's name and reputation must be maintained. The Zhan family will never accept a granddaughter-in-law who's having an affair, especially not the wife of the third young master, whom the master loves very much!"


"I'm sure that Young Mistress must have weighed the pros and cons of the situation before agreeing to this marriage, which is why you should have been aware of the relative importance of your actions. Rather than simply thinking about the gains, you should have also considered whether or not you and your family would be able to deal with the consequences of the loss due to your actions."

In a luxurious VIP ward, a professionally dressed butler was desperately trying to talk some sense into a woman who was lying down on a bed. His facial expression reflected what he was thinking: this young woman was not worthy of being taught.

As for the woman, she was casually lying on her side at the edge of the bed, with a phone in hand. Her long, curly, chestnut-colored hair was like seaweed, becoming entangled around her fair, swan-like neck and slightly covering her exquisite face.

She was like a cat on a sofa: casual and lazy.

The butler wasn't sure if the young mistress was even listening to what he was saying.

He did note, however, her rapidly moving long, slim fingers across the screen. Even if she were simply playing some brain-damaging mobile game, you would feel as if she was playing an incredible piece of music; the movement of her fingertips gave off a breathtaking sense of art.

On the phone, which he thought was just playing a brain-damaging mobile game, codes filled up a blue screen which was followed by an unfamiliar interface that popped up. 

Soon after, without any additional effort, a video titled 'Jing Qian and her paramour' appeared.

As soon as it popped up, it was forcibly deleted by the codes.

Following that, all the interfaces on the screen, including 'saved documents,' 'settings,' 'recently deleted,' and even the drive, along with the chat box, disappeared; none of them could survive being forcibly deleted by the rampant codes.

Everything that was related to the video, including texts, voice messages, and videos, had been cleared away.

With that done, the woman threw the phone onto the bed and looked at the butler. Her eyes were beautiful and clear, but at the same time, filled with a sense of laziness and a deceptive charm.

The corner of the lady's lips rose up slightly, and as the soft, red lips parted, a voice as clear and light as a stream came out, along with a drawl that made her sound lazy and seductive.

"Hearing all your maunder, is this because Jiang Yuxi has been prattling about me having a lover? Butler Xu, from the moment I woke up until now, you've been talking about nothing else for the past 15 minutes. Do you have any evidence to back up her claim?"

Butler Xu's face darkened. Had he been casting pearls before swine?

"Young Mistress, as Miss Jiang was leaving, she informed me that she has a video! She will be showing it to the master later!"


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