The Genius' Last Love Book

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The Genius' Last Love


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“I didn't choose how I was born But I have chosen how to die However my dear, before I'll end this life, I'll make sure I have loved you with all of it” This is the story of the Diamond Prince, the Master Thief, the long Lost Missionary, the Mysterious Girl with red hair and of course, her first and last love. *** Crescent wanted to be the best reporter in town, but her boss just wouldn’t give her a break. She worked hard to get her very own documentary show but instead that a-hole boss of her gave her the most impossible assignment of all time- finding the master thief. God! Even the best detectives in town couldn’t find out who that thief is for years! How could her boss expect her to find him then? Such an assignment will surely shut her career off! To add up to her dilemma, she was caught in a situation wherein she was left with no choice but to announce that she was the girlfriend of Huzey Montarini, the Diamond Prince. And as if things weren’t bad enough, her one-time pretend lie led to a serious upheaval she had never once dreamed of in her entire life! *** Huzey Montarini just came back in the capital after a long island search and the very last thing he would want was to wake up one morning with the news that his non-existent girlfriend announced their blooming relationship. Crescent Garza. Who the f*ck is she? And fate as playful as it had always been, made him met that pretentious woman in the most unexpected situation, and even as much as he wanted to expose her lies, he found himself not able to tell her anything, not even the fact that he was the Diamond Prince- the boyfriend she was all lying about.


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