The General's Darling Is Delicate Book

novel - Romance

The General's Darling Is Delicate

Chun Xinuan

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Yun Chunuan’s transmigration as a princess for an alliance marriage had started with abuse. However, she stayed calm and said, “I can escape!” Yet, the muscular general caught her back! Yun Chunuan thought he would lock her up and abuse her, but he held her in his arms instead, whispering sweet words to her passionately! It appeared that this muscular general’s hobby was to embrace the soft and tiny princess in his arms! No! She wouldn’t have it! She was a beautiful young woman of the 21st century who never even held a man’s hand before. She couldn’t possibly marry him! He had the physique of a bear, so how could Yun Chunuan’s delicate body endure that when they were to make love? Yun Chunuan planned another escape. But this plan failed as well, and the general took her home once more. After spending so much time together, Yun Chunuan came to realize that she had misunderstood the man. He wasn’t a scary person, but a gentle and meticulous man! After falling for him, Yun Chunuan began doting on her husband! The civilians of Bian Liao Kingdom lacked resources? Fear not! She knew modern science to help them all raise to riches! There was a shortage of food for the army at Bian Liao? Fear not! She had spiritual blood beads that could help develop agriculture! But wait! The prince regent of that huge country suddenly showed up claiming to be her ex-lover! He even wanted her to execute a mission of killing her husband! Yun Chunuan smirked and opened the door to her bedroom, calling out softly, “Honey~”


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