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*On Hiatus* Name: Dimension Devouring Ghost In the year 3650, humanity has conquered the universe, only to find out that they were the only intelligent species in existence. Unfortunately, the mystery they had known as the universe was nothing special. There was no extraordinary or the existence of special power. Even if there was, the human body was too weak to handle them. Therefore, they started out the project - B.S. in desperation with the goal of finding the extraordinary and prolonging their lives. Fortunately, right after a century, they had succeeded. They had successfully failed. Their success didn't bring any joy nor any happiness. Instead, it was the grievance and suffering that lasted for a millennium. But after the grievance was the joy that they had been desperately waiting for. Joy that they had finally discovered extraordinary that had the quality that allowed even humans to reach it and grab it for themselves. Now in this age and world, the orphan, Cylius will set sail on the grand of adventures. ... Read the auxiliary chapter first. ... Join discord https://discord.gg/8WxtGKk Not my picture. If the owner wish to take it down, I will do so. ... Currently being rewritten.

Ordinarystranger71 · Fantasy
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142 Chs

Fisherman Fishes From the Sides

"Wait! No, I'll try to distract them by turning myself into a bait. You all get my loot and go quickly while I distract them!" shouted Liam as he taunted the wolves by cussing and showing middle finger at them.

"Hey, you weak ass wolves! Don't see me? Then come..." the stronger and more unique the monster was, the more it could understand what a human was implying. So even if they weren't powerful at all, the Long-eared Blue Wolves could somehow see what the man's words and gestures meant.

And with Cylius fanning the flames, from the five of them, Liam was the first to get chased and also the one that had the most amount of wolves behind his back. So with the help of Liam, they were free from most of the wolves. 

"Sigh... Let's get going quickly! But I suggest that we split up in order for us to have a better chance at surviving" suggested Jin.