1 Lightning

In a small house on top of a building

"Hahaha..." a young man laugh of loud in a small room

"Hmmp.. All of those people told me that this game is difficult to play, what's more to become a ranker. What a load of crap. They just spouting nonsense." the young man said all of those with an arrogance and contempt.

"Hmmp.. Now look at this, not only I become a ranker, I even become one of the best player in the entire server, and of course high ranker too." the young keep his tone with such arrogance.

"Rumble.. Rumble.." the sky getting louder and even send lightning continuously.

"Hahaha.. I believe all those people who said everything about this game is just some kind of newbie that even do not know how to play it. What a fool."

"Hmmp.. I thought this game will give a me challenge, but seems like it's not huh. What a waste of time." the young man still keep his arrogance high. And then he said "Well i guess this can not be help than, after all not even a sky and heaven can give me a real challenge. Hahaha.."

"Rumble.. Rumble.. Rumble.." the sky getting more and more rumble and send its lightning like crazy.

The young man who stand in front of his computer then said with a loud voice "With this I proclaim that I'm the best and no one, nothing in this world can give me a real challenge in game. Hahaha..." And then after the young man said those words the sky above send its lightning and struck the antenna where the young man live "Dduarrrr........"

No one knows what happen, maybe because his bad luck or maybe because he dare to challenge the heaven itself. The lightning travel from the antenna to the computer and then struck the young man immediately.

"Bzzzttt..." the young man who still stand in front of his computer become paralyzed, then he lose his conscious and then his heart stop beating ever again.


In small room who look like antique a young man wake up from his slumber.

"Ughh.." the young man who just wake up try to see what happen to him

"Ughh.. Where am I ? What's happen ? " the young man carefully look around him. He is in a small room which familiar to him but and the same time it's not.

"Hmpp.. Where am I ? Its seems like this place looks different than what i remember" said the young. And then when he look his hand he quite surprise. "Huh ? Is this my hand ? This look different. What happen ?" and then he try to touch his face and it's the same as his hand. Something feels different he thought.

The young man stand up and then try to walk into corner of the room where the mirror is. And when he see what's in the mirror he shock and surprise at the same time. "Damn. Who is this ? What's happening to me ? Is this my face ?" After he keeps asking the same question a few time he realize something.

"No no no no. Sh*t. No no no. Don't tell me that.. Arggghh" the young man scream and then the memory which is not belong to him poured into his brain. After a few second have pass, the young man try to calm down. "Huff.. huff.. huff" His breathing become raggedly and he try to stand up and look into the mirror again.

In the mirror stand a young man whose 15 years old with a grey eyes and pale face. His height is like 6'2''. His face is quite handsome and kinda pretty if looks closer. He have black hair which reach his shoulder. And his built is kinda good too, not too thin and not fat either.

"No no no. this is impossible. it can not be happening" the young man keep mumbling the same word. Because he can not believe what happen to him, he walk to the window to see the outside. When he walk, he pray that everything happen is just a dream and imagination, and when he open the windows he hope everything will go back to normal again.

"Creakk..." the windows is open, and when he sees everything in the outside he realize that everything is happen is real. He really not in his world anymore. He has been transmigrated to another world without his knowing.

"Nooooooo................" the young man shout really loud to sky.

This is the beginning of the Gamer who got to live in Another World.

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