8 Chapter 8

All the people in the room went rigid, for them Rias' aura was not something they could bear so easily, especially Issei, who had only recently become a devil, he was trembling with fear, and all that could go through his head, was how strong his Buchou is.

But to Altair, this was nothing more than a spoiled child's tantrum.

''Interesting, so who will punish me?'' Altair's question came accompanied by a wide smile. Since he knows what was coming now.

''That's very simple, You against me and my peerage, and if you lose you will become part of it.'' Rias said with an arrogant tone, thinking that this fight would be the easiest of his life, in his mind this could not even be considered a fight but a massacre.

Rias wishes she had done this peacefully, but that didn't seem to be possible anymore, so she will make him apologize on his knees.

''You look pretty confident.'' Altair said laughing softly.

In Altair's view, Rias' arrogance was hilarous, plus he knows that her pride is also extremely high, and he will gladly break it to pieces.

''But of course, I will show you the power of the Gremory clan!'' She said confidently of her peerage abilities.

This made Altair arch an eyebrow. ''Is it so good to be of the Gremory clan? Or better to be a devil?'' To Altair it didn't matter what race the person belonged to, in front of him it would be nothing, and the reason was his system, which would allow him to have a stable and infinite growth, at least Altair thinks he will be able to grow infinitely as long as he keeps the system.

''In that case, when are we going to start?'' Altair asked, while still pretending to be an unfathomable expert, but only he knows how excited he was to test his strength.

''Let's fight now.'' Rias was afraid that if she left this fight for another day, Altair would run away, causing her whole plan to go down the drain, so she decided it would be a good idea to fight now.

And without waiting for Altair, she and her peerage, began to move towards the arena that was behind the building, something Altair had not realized he had.

Looking at the arena that was a bit far away, Altair had to admit that the magical power of the devils was really something else, after all this arena, would not be seen by ordinary people.

Seeing that Rias and her peeragewere already ahead, he decided to follow them, and as he walked a sound that he knew very well popped into his head.

[Quest Alert!]

''I didn't think you were going to show up.'' Altair quickly began to read the Quest he had received at this opportune moment.

[Defeat Rias and her Peerage]

- Defeated: 0/6

- Rewards: 2000 points ~ 02 random items ~ a random servant card

- Failure penalty: Death!

Looking at the rewards Altair almost jumped for joy, after all they were extremely generous, especially the 2000 points that allowed him to buy whatever he wanted and still have points left over.

''That random servant card, I wonder what that is?''

But then, he put those curious thoughts aside, because he saw what would happen if he failed this Quest.


That was something he would not like to see, not least because he still intends to find out why he came to this world, besides he would like to know what happened to him in his past life, since for some reason he cannot remember his last moments in his past life.

This penalty shows that the system may not be as friendly as I thought, even because I can die from a simple fight... It seems that I need to be more careful with the quests in the future.

Altair tried to communicate with the system, to find out why his penalty would be death if he failed the Quest, but he didn't get any kind of response, causing him to become a bit depressed.

''I would kill you if I could.'' Even though he knew that it would be impossible for him to kill the system, he still had that urge, after all, no one would like to have the rope around their neck at all times.


Rias took advantage that she was walking and began to communicate with Sona, she warned her friend about the fight that would happen right now and also contacted Sona so that she could see her new servant that would soon be acquired.

Arriving at the arena that was actually just a space between the trees, Altair shook his head, because from afar this place looked bigger, there he saw that some people were already waiting, and to his surprise he knew some of these people.

''Hello Rias, did you get your new servant?'' Sona asked curiously as she looked at her redheaded friend.

Hearing Sona's question, Altair arched his eyebrow, and couldn't help but speak up in disgust.

''New servant? How can you say that when the fight hasn't even started yet?''

''Hmph, you have no chance of beating Altair-kun, I may not know what kind of being you are, but you will never win against my peerage.'' Rias said arrogantly and this made not only Altair but also Sona frown, not least because this statement from Rias was really arrogant, and it didn't put anyone in his eyes.

Rias was underestimating him.

''Let's finish this quickly.'' Altair spoke coldly, this time he didn't just want to win the fight.

He was going to break Rias' pride and arrogance, in a way she would never forget.

He was going to show Rias the meaning of desperation.

In a short time, everyone was already positioned on their respective sides, Rias' peerage was confident thinking that this fight would be won easily, even Kiba was a little more relaxed now that he was beside his companions, but even so he never let his guard down, since he as a knight knew that he could never show weakness to the enemy.

Moreover, Kiba was afraid of the way Altair was acting, that look, that smile and even the aura, everything about Altair intimidated Kiba, made him feel small, as if he himself was unimportant.

As if his existence wasn't important.

And well... he wasn't wrong.

''I've already established a magic barrier, so you can fight without holding back.'' After Sona announced, the atmosphere in the room became much more tense.

But one person who didn't want to wait took a step ahead of everyone, and that person was not Altair or Rias, but Issei, who took off running quickly towards Altair.

Issei's speed at this moment could be considered above average, but to Altair it was as if he was walking.

''Boosted Gear!'' While running towards him, Issei raised his left fist and summoned his glove made of dragon scales in red color with a green sphere in the center.


A sound was emitted from his glove, as if something was inside that green gem.

Altair knew who this someone inside the glove was, or rather the dragon inside the glove.

This is one of the thirteen Longinus, Boosted Gear, where on this Sacred Gear, is imprisoned the Welsh dragon emperor that has the power to increase the power of the user every 10 seconds, incredible no? Besides it is said that this Sacred Gear is capable of killing gods.'' Rias said in a proud manner, waiting to see Altair's reaction upon hearing what she said.

''Issei-san...'' Asia muttered worriedly, as she realized that Altair is not who he appeared to be.

''Now you know how strong I am, so DIE!'' Issei shouted, as she punched with her left hand towards Altair's face.

Altair who had his hands in his pockets the whole time, was a little bored.

But to Rias and her peerage, it seemed as if he had already surrendered and was just waiting for defeat.

''We won.'' Rias thought, as he closed his eyes with the confidence that this fight was already over.

But the truth is, she was very wrong.

Just as Issei's fist was about to connect with Altair's face, he simply slid his body to the right side and grabbed Issei's left arm, and in one swing he hit Issei in the face with the back of his left leg.

This move by Altair seemed to be in slow motion for everyone.

When Altair's kick connected with Issei's face, besides knocking out a few teeth, it caused Issei to be thrown several meters, causing Issei to hit his back against several trees, which were destroyed in the process.

And all this was done in a single kick.

Moreover it seemed that Altair had not put any kind of force into this kick, but rather as if it was something casual.

''So what were you saying? Was Boosted Gear strong or something? Because to me he doesn't seem to be all that.'' The mocking tone could not be hidden from Altair's voice, which had a smile on its face.

''Don't get so arrogant! Koneko!'' When Rias, called her by name, Koneko quickly ran towards Altair.

''Asia, please go to Issei and start healing him, quickly.'' She ordered Asia, as she continued to watch the fight.

Asia nodded, and quickly ran towards Issei who was injured, and when she got there, Asia was able to get a better look at Issei's condition, and she was startled as she ran her hand over his body, as she could feel that Issei had broken some ribs from Altair's blow.

Back in the fight, Koneko raised her right fist and tried to punch Altair, but Altair just raised his left knee and blocked her attack, causing the ground around him to break from the pressure of the attack.

But Altair did not show the slightest sign of discomfort.

And this made Koneko a little more nervous, for in this attack she had used all her strength, she knew that not even her Buchou could come out unscathed from this blow of hers.

But still, she didn't give up and kept trying to land a blow on Altair who kept just defending, as if it was nothing.

And so it was one...




Several blows were being exchanged at an incredible speed in the eyes of the spectators.

But the most bizarre thing about this was that all the blows were blocked by Altair, and the worst thing was that he was using only his legs to defend himself.

Of course Altair didn't stay only on the defensive, so using his legs to defend he also started to attack Koneko.

And while the two were still fighting, Altair received a new message from the system, and this message made him very happy.

[Because of a special action, an ability was created!]


- Level 01

- Description: delivers a wild kick to the side of an opponent's head before swiftly turning and striking the other side of the target's head before he can recover to maximize the damage, before finishing with a third kick to the back of the head.

Altair's eyes widened at the sight of this skill, because he knows this blow very well.

This skill is a technique from Jin Mo-Ri's Tae Kwon Do Renewal from The God of High School!

With this technique the progenitor of Renewal Tae Kwon Do Jim Tae Jim was able to destroy a mountain range with just one blow!

Even though he was excited about the skill he had received, Altair refocused on the fight and just as Koneko was about to hit him in the face with his left fist, he did something that surprised everyone.

Altair concentrated mana in his legs, thus causing him, in a burst of speed, to disappear and reappear behind Koneko.

[MP: 995/1000]

Koneko blinked in confusion as she felt that all she had hit was the air in front of her.


When Koneko heard this behind her, she quickly turned around.

But that was a poor choice, as in doing so, she was met with a swift and powerful kick to the side of her face, causing her to be disoriented for a few moments.

And even if those moments were not long, they were still long enough.

Because another kick, just as fast and powerful as the previous one, came on the opposite side of Altair's last kick, making her feel like her skull was splitting in two.

And the third kick, came almost at the same time as the second, but this one was not aimed at the side of her face, but at her chin.

And the power of this last kick was simply insane.

That kick was enough to throw Koneko away like a rag doll.

Blood was pouring from Koneko's head, making the sight truly desperate.

And Koneko as she was being thrown into the air, felt the whole world spinning as she lost consciousness.

The thud of her body falling to the ground was enough to awaken the others from their reveries.

When they came to their senses expressions of horror were palpable on their faces.

"KONEKO!!! Rias screamed in horror as she ran to the rescue of her Rook.

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