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Chapter 42

Stepping carefully around the golden squares, which were definitely pressure or touch-sensitive plates of some sort, the boy breathed a sigh of relief as he came to the end of the stones.

He really should have known better.

As Issei entered the room at the end of the corridor, he was itching for a fight. He had just gone through a maze full of traps of the likes of Tomb Raider and the Prince of Persia games. Pitfalls, walls that shot arrows, more collapsing ceilings, Warpfire traps, other more esoteric traps. There were even a few that he could have sworn had been ripped from the God of War games.

Damn copyright-infringing rats!

The twenty-five Clanrats armed and armoured to the teeth with leather armour, bronze swords, numerous daggers and bucklers were very unfortunate indeed to come across him in that room, as he needed to vent some stress.

Clanrat Warrior LV8


They never stood a chance.

First, Issei bombarded them with his [Earth Shot] spell before wading in with his [Bronze Skin] and [Force Absorption Field] active. Whatever blows struck him bounced off of the combined force of his armour and his spells. Before long…

You have slain Ratman Clanrat Warriors X25! You gain 2500 EXP!

Congratulation! You have levelled up! LV10-LV11!

You have 5 Attribute Points to spend.

[Earth Shot] has levelled up! LV4-LV5!

[Ambidextrous] has levelled up! LV4-LV5!

After looting the bodies and selling everything but the weapons, Issei once again abandoned the swords he bore, as they too were almost out of Durability. It was getting to the point where he was glad that he had stolen all those swords from the last place, because he was going through them at a terrific rate. On the other hand, they were crudely made, so maybe that was speeding up the rate of Durability consumption…?

He immediately placed the five points into INT, because he might need them to figure out these stupid traps and puzzles, even with the skill [Puzzle Solving].

"Still no good loot." He muttered absently as he gave the room a final once over to make sure there weren't any hidden spaces or doors there before heading out. Again, there was nothing. Seriously? Why give him the necklace if there wasn't going to be any goodies to find with it?

Looking into the corridor that led out of the room, and the numerous golden glowing sections that he could see, Issei scowled.

Oh, that's right; because this place was trapped to within an inch of his life, that's why!

Issei made his way through the maze of traps once again. There was no need to describe them; if you've seen one intricate and deadly array of traps, then generally, you have seen them all. He did raise his [Evade] and [Puzzle Solving] skills by a level though, which was just about the only good thing to happen. Oh, and his [Poison Resistance] skill had grown to Level 6 after he got hit with some kind of liquid poison on an arrow and he had chugged a Health Potion to aid his beleaguered [Lesser HP Regeneration] skill.

[Lesser HP Regeneration] has levelled up! LV2-LV3!

And that happened. Moving along…

Pausing at the door into the next room, Issei spotted black fur and what looked like spears. Stormvermin. It made sense, as he seemed to be facing groups of enemies divided by type and in the order he had encountered them in the burrows. A fitting mechanic for the last dungeon of this series. He just hoped that he didn't have to fight Boneripper again, as fighting the mutant thing the first two times had been a colossal pain in the rear.

Stormvermin Footsoldier LV9

[Pack Rat]

Repeating his tactic from the Clanrats, Issei waded into them slicing and parrying blows as he went. The Stormvermin were even better equipped than the last time he had faced a squad of them, with [Crude Steel Armour] and [Crude Steel Halberds]. It still wasn't enough to offset Issei's determination to make them into his EXP.

You have slain [Stormvermin Footsoldier] X10! You earn 3000 EXP!

That put the EXP from each Stormvermin at 300 each. Nice.

More generic loot from the ratmen and, yet again, no hidden doors, spaces or passages in the room. It was becoming clear that the sole reason he had been given the damn necklace was to see the low level traps. Talk about a let-down. Make no mistake; being able to see the annoying traps was a godsend, but not having any secret rooms to find was a bit of a downer.

Issei took his armour off for a moment and rubbed his eyes tiredly. Fighting so many ratmen one after another was so damn exhausting; especially with those damn passages full of deadly traps between them. It was mentally exhausting on top of the physical tiredness, likely the entire point of the whole setup.

Re-equipping his armour, the Sekiryūtei tossed the broken hilts of the third pair of ninjatō he'd used since he entered the burrow. Was the poison in the air corrosive to iron as well? It would explain why the crude imitation weapons were shattering like glass after only a single battle.

[Poison Resistance] has levelled up! LV6-LV7!

Suppressing his irritation at the reminder, Issei pulled out another pair of ninjatō from his inventory and started to advance once more.


Rias Gremory frowned as a small magic circle appeared in the air before her. She and her darling servants had just finished killing a Stray Devil that they had been hunting for the last couple of hours and she had just about to order them to head back to their homes when this appeared. She recognised the symbol; it was a Sitri Circle, which likely meant Sona.

"Sona? What's the emergency?" she asked with a frown. Her childhood friend was as stubborn as she was and would never contact her at this time of night unless she and her Peerage had run into a more challenging foe than had been anticipated and she didn't have the raw power to take care of it alone. The Sitri Heiress had been hunting another Stray on the other side of Kuō, and it wasn't a powerful one either, so this was an unpleasant surprise.

"Rias, can you feel that magic?" Sona's voice asked over the communications spell.

The Gremory Heiress reached out with her magic senses and frowned. Now that Sona had drawn her attention to it, there was an unusual build-up of magic in the section of Kuō that her friend was supposed to be hunting in. And by 'unusual', Rias meant that there was any kind of magic build-up whatsoever there. One reason why her brother and Sona's sister had selected Kuō for their jointly-held territories was that they were practically the only supernaturals in the entire city, although the Fallen had been seen recently around an abandoned church in the south of the city. Oh, there was the odd Stray Devil every now and then, and Koneko had reported some itinerant Yōkai passing through every so often, but Kuō was very much the sticks as far as the supernatural was concerned.




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