1 Actress Raising in the Real World

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Early in the morning, the sun had just cast its first ray of light.

In an apartment in Z city, the United States.

"Slap --"

"Slap --"

"Slap --"


The crisp and loud sound of bodies slamming against each other could be heard from next door.

Vaguely, one could still hear the woman's suppressed, painful, and joyful low moans.




The originally slow and rhythmic sounds of body slamming against body began to become faster and faster.

The originally suppressed and low moans of the woman also began to turn into wild screams and shouts --


"Come, baby! Come!"

"My Gad!"

"F*ck! F*ck! F*ck me! Baby!"


"F*ck! What are they doing?"

"It's so early in the morning, and they doing it now?"

Adams, who had been sleeping soundly in bed, was awakened by the sound.

He looked at the alarm clock beside his bed in a daze. It was only seven o'clock in the morning.

Adams was a little frustrated. He had played on his phone very late last night, and now he was woken up at seven o'clock in the morning.

This was not the first time.

He covered his head with a pillow and buried his head in the blanket, trying to isolate the sound from the outside world so that he could fall asleep again.

This method was somewhat effective, and the sound coming from the other room was much quieter.

"Phew -- just let me sleep a little longer, just a little longer..."

Adams stretched his stiff body and began to slowly fall asleep again.

Just as Adams was about to fall asleep again --

The sound of bodies slamming with each other rang out again, and it even became much louder, crazily torturing his eardrums.






"F*ck me! F*c me baby! Oh Baby!"

"I'm about to come! Hurry up! Hurry up! Ah ~ ~"



Adams couldn't hold it in any longer!

He sat up from the bed and knocked hard on the wall beside the bed!




"Are you f*cking done? Don't you know that this is a shared apartment, and the soundproofing is very poor?"

"I still need to sleep, can you please be quiet?!"

"I still have to go to school later!!!"


Ten seconds of silence.


Adams exhaled, then lay back on the bed and prepared to go back to sleep.

At this moment, the sounds of body slamming next door burst out again.

But it was very soft and could only be vaguely heard.

Adams frowned and endured it.

He just wanted to sleep now.

If he could maintain the current situation, it wasn't impossible for him to sleep.

However, while the ideal was beautiful, the reality wasn't.

After about a minute, the gentle moans sounded again.

The sound of body slamming became louder and faster.

It was as if Adams' warning didn't exist at all.

Adams couldn't hold it in anymore.

"Hey, landlady, even though it's my first day here, I don't know your name."

"But can you show me some respect?"

"Even if it feels good, there's no need to make it so loud, right?"

"As a student, I really need to get enough sleep, alright?"

"Also, do you really think it's a good idea to do all this in front of a teenager?"

Adams was a little frustrated.

His father was worried about his grades, so he confiscated his computer, game consoles, and other things.

Then, he rented a house near the school so that Adams could prepare for the final exam in peace.

However, Adams didn't care about it because his grades weren't very good to begin with.

But sleep was the foundation of good health. It was very important!

He had played the AV actress dating simulation game on his phone and didn't fall asleep until two o'clock.

But at seven o'clock, he was woken up by someone in this way.

Didn't you see that my little brother was standing up?

Adams's series of complaints instantly silenced the sound of the room next door.

Then, a sweet and apologetic female voice sounded:

"Er, I'm sorry, little brother. This is the first time I've rented out a room."

"I didn't react in time. I thought I was the only one in the house."

"So when I was watching the movie, I couldn't help but turn up the volume. I'm really sorry."

When Adams heard the female voice from next door explain, he didn't know how to respond.

It turned out that the person next door wasn't really doing that kind of thing, but watching the movie...

The sounds of the movie were incessant, and the female voice hummed softly, making him feel as if he was at the scene.

Moreover, was this sister so desperate and thirsty?

She started watching this early in the morning.

Damn it, what's wrong with girls nowadays?

Even a boy like him wouldn't be like this, watching something like this early in the morning.

"Alright, be more careful next time..."

In the end, Adams could only sigh and say weakly.

He had no choice. This was her house, and he was just a tenant. What could he do?

Moreover, she was a girl. What else could he say but forgive her.

"Forget it. Let's go to class."

Adams picked up his phone, put on his clothes, brushed his teeth, and washed up before leaving the room.

After he left, Adams glanced at the room next door.

He realized that the door was closed, so he didn't pay much attention to it.

He thought that the landlady had probably put on her headphones and continued to look at those things.

While he was out, he continued to play her game.

The game Adams was playing was called Actresses Raising Project.

As the name suggested, you could collect all the famous actresses on your phone.

You could teach them singing, yoga, Jujitsu, ventriloquism, exercise, and other small games.

You could also give them gifts, improve the relationship with them, and unlock more postures.

Slowly, they were trained to become international AV stars.

Young guys like Adams couldn't stand these games.

So, he played all night last night, and today, he looked listless.

And last night, the lady Adams interacted with the most was the most famous person in the entire AV world, Miss Christine.

Miss Christine had a sweet face and a hot body, and she had many fans around the world.

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