1 Heaven Awaken World

It was a normal day, students were studying at JPIS school in India as they regularly do. As soon as the bell rung and classes got over a youth could be seen dashing out of the classroom. As soon as the youth ran out of the class his teacher could be heard shouting from inside the classroom- "Ashro you bastard, at least wait for me to get out of the class!!".

Ashro was the youth that just darted out of the class. He had a thin body with brown eyes,pitch black hair and snow white skin. He was considered as one of the three princes of the school with most popularity among the girls, but quite unknown to everyone, he was a reincarnated soul who had entered the body of Ashro three months earlier. His name was Ansh, he had died while saving the life of a young kid from a car accident.

He had thought he would reincarnate in this world with superpowers or cheats and take the world by storm,but contrary to his expectations he reincarnated into a completely normal world with no powers whatsoever. He was really disappointed by this fact that he was going to have another boring normal life but he couldn't do anything about it and so he started adjusting.

Ashro quickly ran to the roof and took out his pillow from his bag and lied down while keeping his head on the pillow."Finally, I can sleep!! why does this life have to be so boring and tiring. I am a reincarnated person! why do I have to bear with all of this...".He quickly resigned to his fate and slept. When he woke up he freaked out by seeing that it was already 12:30 AM."Damn! mom and dad are gonna shout at me again.What should I do....?"


At this moment, a defeaning explosion sounded from above .Ashro who was running towards home was super scared, and raised his head in surprise.

The entire sky seemed to be covered in flames. And billions of rainbow lights fell from the sky looking like meteors descending.

Ashro was dumbfounded by their beauty and quickly took a look at the light. it looked like some crystal after falling on the ground. Ashro charmed by the beauty of the crystal, quickly took one of them and ran towards his house.

Everyone had woken up by now and had started to grab these crystals. Ashro quickly reached where his house was and entered it through the back door so as to not alert his parents.

"phew!! That was scary. I thought they would catch me today."As Ashro was being happy about not getting caught by his parents the crystal in his hands shined with a rainbow glow as a robotic voice said,"Host has been detected to be a Basic Intelligence Lifeform,Soulbinding commencing..."

"Ding! Soulbinding has been successfully completed; you will now head to the Heaven Awaken World."After hearing this, Ashro came to a realization and said in his mind,"Fudge! This is not anormal world; this is the world of The Lord's Empire!"

After this his vision darkened as he fell on his bed.