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"Let's go inside, it's going to start raining and it wouldn't be good for you to get sick for your age, little one."- She said it while she covers me with the blankets to enter the orphanage.

She takes me to an old wooden cradle and gently settles me in and starts to leave.

She looks for the other women who take care of the orphanage with them.

"I called them for something very simple, I found an abandoned child at our door."

?1: "Sister Maria, that is something normal because of what has happened."

Maria: "I know, but this is a special case like Zelda."- She said it seriously.

"Wait, if that's what you mean, did you picked up a baby with a quirk."- she asked scared.

Maria: "yes the little creature was abandoned on our doorstep with just a note and a somewhat old scroll with it."- She said it, showing the stick and the note.

"It's dangerous to have a child with quirk, you saw how the mafia came to threaten us about Zelda."- She said it with trembling hands.

Maria: "they were already expelled from San Francisco and the arrival of some heroes helped the city to be safer and Zelda is not the only person with quirk."- She said it seriously.

"Yes, but because of her a problem started that almost endangered all the children."- She said it seriously.

Maria: "I know what happened, but we will not abandon a newborn child looking for the warmth and protection of an home ariza."- She said it seriously.

The woman named Ariza has caramel-colored skin her hair is in dreadlocks her eyes are a light green she has a curvaceous body with cup breasts and wide hips that are covered by a nun's dress she is one meter 68 centimeters tall her lips are thick.

Ariza: "I want to see the child."- She said it seriously.

Maria: "well follow me."- She said it serious so she felt a hand grab her suit she saw who it was to see Zelda.

She is a girl with elongated ears like an elf, light green eyes, light skin and hair that seemed to be made of gold.

Zelda: "Someone like me."- She ask excitedly.

Maria: "yes zelda today god brought us a gift that we must love."- She said it with a smile.

"I just got here, I got lost.- She said it arriving a girl with short white hair with a bob cut has an agile and slender body with heterochromia a blue eye with another red one that has a vertical cut in them what is most striking about them is that she has cat ears on her head and loose a little hair.

Maria: "Kitty, good to see you here, I want you to meet the new boy."- She said it with a smile.

Kitty: "so I got another kid with a quirk, he is like Zelda, he is not a mutation type at birth."- She said it looking at maria who was nodding.

Kitty: "he is going to have a hard life since men with quirk are not as attractive as before the collapse."- She said it with a sad smile.

Maria: "that's nonsense the child is beautiful you'll see."- She said it so that she would walk to where she left me.

As they walked Ariza had a thousand thoughts about what would happen to me or what I would look like.

They arrived at the room where I am in the crib covered with blankets.

Maria uncovered me for all to see.

Kitty: "yes he will have a difficult love life I can't say he is cute because he really doesn't fit my standards of beauty as a baby should be."-

Zelda: "He has gray skin."- She point it out to myself excitedly.

Ariza: "es-es."- She said it speechless.

Maria: "I know he is not the prettiest baby, but."

Ariza: "What are you saying, Maria, it's the cutest little thing I've ever seen."

Maria: "Really Ariza."- She said it impressed.

Ariza: "Of course, look at his gray skin, his white hair that is coming out, his little hands that look like they have a strong grip."- She said it snatching me out of Maria's arms.

I just opened my eyes tiredly.

Richard: "Who the hell is this person."

[sir you can see her features with see status]

Richard: "that's right see her status."- I said it by seeing her.

Name: Ariza Tangier.

Title: lover of the strange.

Level: 07

Threat level: G

Quirk: none

Skills: none.

Passive skills: agility, fatigue resistance, cooking, pure charm, hunger resistance.

How she sees you: you're the weirdest, cutest little thing she's ever seen.


'you know helpi this is more of an improvement than a loss.'- I thought about it looking at her I just smiled at her while moving my little hands to touch her hair.

Richard: 'wait there is a passive for agility.'- I thought impressed.

Ariza: "and look at those red eyes that stand out with his black sclera, he's the cutest little thing I've ever seen."

Kitty: "yes I knew Ariza was weird, but this is another level."- She said it in surprise.

Richard: 'see her condition.'- I thought about it looking at the girl with cat ears.

Name: Kitty cat.

Title: the cute kitty cat.

Level: 15.

Threat level: F+

Quirk: the cat.

Ability: eyes of charm.

Passive ability: agility, overstrength, pure charm, pain resistance, feeling sensor.

How she sees you: she thinks you're the ugliest baby she's ever seen.


Richard: 'that's offensive.'- I thought so looking at her upset.

Kitty: "he's looking at me ugly."- She said it pointing at me.

Maria: "I don't think a baby can look ugly."- She said it looking at me while showing her a toothless smile.

Maria: "He's just smiling."

Richard: 'see the state of her'- I said it looking at the older woman.

Name: maria Leiner.

Title: the great grandmother, a standing legend.

Level: 25

Threat level: F++

Quirk: none.

Ability: reader of destiny.

Passive skill: resistance to all flaws, great effort, unstoppable, survival instinct, heavyweight.

How she sees you: you have a great future ahead of you.


Richard: 'she can see the destiny that's why she sees me with great affection that I am in the future.'- I thought about it looking at her.

Maria: "well you seem to be more active than before."- She said it to try to get me out of Ariza's hands.

Ariza: "It's not my weird little thing, it's yours."- She said this looking at Maria seriously.

Richard: "helpi how much charm do I have."- I asked interested.

[wait a moment sir]


[charm] {10/35}


Richard: 'wow that went up a lot.'- I thought about it seeing that.

Zelda: "I want to carry him."- She said it stretching out her hands.

Ariza: "You can't Zelda, you're too small."- She said it while lifting me up.

Richard: "see her condition."- I thought it looking at Zelda.

Name: Zelda Hyrule

Title: the little princess, cute by nature.

Level: 08

Danger level: F

Quirk: 80% chance of quirk at 4 years old.

Ability: effort.

Passive ability: natural beauty, smooth skin, overexertion, agility, sprinting, resistance to fatigue, resistance to sleep.

How she sees you: you're the weirdest thing she's seen so far.


Richard: 'well let's enjoy being a baby.'- I thought as I snuggled into Ariza's chest who squeals with excitement.

six months later.

I just open my eyes wearily.

I look around to see that I am cuddled by Zelda.

Richard: 'this is becoming a habit.'- I thought about it as I move my arms awkwardly as a are not complete as my oral cords.

"haoa."- I said it to get someone's attention.

I watched as Ariza came in bringing a bottle with a smile.

Ariza: "You are very quiet, you only try to express yourself when you are hungry or want to go to the bathroom."

Richard: 'It's very embarrassing that you remind me of that.'- I thought about it remembering that someone has to clean me.

I finished eating so she gently slapped me on the back to burp me.

She carried me to get me out of the room to get me used to my home she has been doing it for the past month.

Maria: "you are making him see his home."

Ariza: "yes he gets very excited to see everything."- She said it happily.

María: "Who would think that you would be more fond of a child with quirk than normal children."

Ariza: "he is a little living wonder, he sees everything with interest, his eyes don't take off from something he likes and he has great strength."

Kitty: "so you bring out the little demon."- She said it pointing at me.

Ariza: "He is not a demon Kitty."

Kitty: "tell that to the horns on his forehead and the lower canines that are starting to overgrow."

Ariza: "It must be part of his quirk, don't forget that your quirk is a mutation type and you got your tail when you turned four, but you already had ears."- she said it in an accusatory way.

Kitty: "I don't know what you like about that baby, you always saw us as a pest to the rest of us, but why do you treat him differently?"- She said it with a slight touch of jealousy.

Maria: "It's simple that Kitty, Ariza has a slight obsession with strange things if you saw her house you would understand and it's the first time she sees a baby that fits the standards of extravagance she always buys."- She said this coming in with two cups of cocoa.

She handed one cup to Kitty she drank to show a grateful smile.

Kitty: "that's interesting so you see the baby an object."

Ariza: "I don't see the little asura as an object."

Maria: "what did I tell you about his name."

Ariza: "why do you call him Richard his name is asura."

María: "it's simple, he has the face of Richard and besides he likes the name Richard more than asura, right Richard."- I just laughed a little in response.

Ariza: "asura you should be on my side."

Maria: "He's a baby, I don't think he understands."

Kitty: "that thing is very smart."

Maria: "Kitty what did I tell you."

Kitty: "don't call the baby a thing, but look at him he's smart he looks at everything and sometimes he has a serious look he's really scary."

Richard: 'Well my mind is stronger so I don't fall for her charms and Zelda stays glued to me I don't know why.'- I thought about it in my world.

Richard: "helpi tell me is there any way to improve some ability from what I saw in other people if you can."

[yes sir, but your body is not ready yet so I have not given you that option].

Richard: 'I understand tell me when it will be possible for me to have that improvement.'

[be it when your body is two years old]

Richard: "I understand well I think I should pay attention."

[sir I have some good news if you want to hear it]

Richard: 'well tell me you know I have all the time in the world.'- I thought it quiet.

[ I got the ability to upgrade the system to beta 0.1.5 which has a slight improvement than the previous one ]

Richard: "that's good tell me what's up."

[I will go into hibernation mode and for the following would you also like to go into hibernation mode with me sir.

Richard: "for how long."

[it will be in human time one year six months]

Richard: 'it's ok I don't have anything else.'- I thought about it.

[understood sir starting update entering hibernation mode in...]




After those words I just closed my eyes to let my conscience go.

One year six months later.

There was my body looking at the sand.

I feel my consciousness coming back to see the sand in a different way I stood up to go pick up a shovel to start playing with it.

Ariza: "Richard, come on, it's getting late."- She said it to see how I make a castle in the sand that is well structured.

Ariza: "My little Richard is playing with the sand like a genius."- She said it with pride.

I just looked at her to drop the shovel to go with her as she smiled.

Richard: "Mom Ariza."- I said it unconsciously to hug her leg so she could carry me.

"That's new, he seems to have gotten smarter.'- She thought about it seeing how I finished half of a medieval castle made of sand that showed a semi-perfect structure.

Ariza: "Well, let's go to the orphanage"- She said it carrying me.

As we move forward I see people whispering.

Man: "That pretty girl is carrying that thing."

Woman: "If that was my son I would have abandoned him."- She said it to another woman.

Girl: "that thing is looking at us take a picture of it."- She said it pointing at me.

Ariza: "They have nothing else to do but insult a child."- She said it annoyed.

Ariza: "I didn't listen to them Richard you are special you have a lot of potential something they will never have."- She said it caressing my hair that apparently reaches my back and it is bristling like a porcupine.

Richard: "Yes mom Ariza."- I said smiling.

Richard: 'ok that's weird but I have to face it she is my new mother figure and she is very attentive.'- I thought smiling.

Richard: 'see my condition.'- I thought calmly.

Name: asura onigami (Richard agustus Parker)

Karma: neutral

Level: 01

Threat level: G++

Race: human demi (80% human, 20% oni) (chance of awakening a quirk at 4 years 50%)

Specialty: the gamer

Points: 100

Titles: like father, like son, live like Parker, die like Parker, asura.

Hp: 100/100 (regeneration of 10 every hour)

Magic: 50/50 (regeneration 5 every 25 minutes)

Ps: 200/200 (regeneration 10 every 50 minutes)

Vitality: G++

Strength: G+

Agility: G++

Intelligence: E+

Wisdom: F+

Charisma: G+

Luck: I

Passive skills (5/5)

[pain resistance] {5/10] (10/100)

[survival instinct] {15/50} (20/100)

[charm] {16/35} (15/100).

[analytical thinking] Max (possibility to evolve)

[see status] MAX

Abilities (0/3)


'I did grow in a big way.'- I thought so looking at my stats.

[that's because of oni's genetics you're good enough your body is highly resistant to your own body in a way you can take a blow to the head from an adult and your chance of survival is 80%]

'that's good to know.'- I thought sarcastically to feel someone push Ariza so that I fall to the ground.

Ariza: "what the hell is wrong with you."- She said it annoyed.

Man: "sorry I thought you were carrying a very ugly dummy."

Ariza: "Fuck you Richard, are you okay?"- She asked me charging at me.


[pain resistance has leveled up]

[pain resistance has leveled up]

Man: "That the doll has a name."

Richard: "Mom Ariza what did the ugly fat man say."- I said it while I was carving my forehead.

Man: "What did you say, you snotty little shit."

Ariza: "You knew he was a kid and you still pushed me, you know I can sue you for attempted murder."- She said it seriously.

Man: "Who will believe you, the bitch who would charge a monster to the citizen who works for this beautiful city."

Man: "I'd go for the pretty one."- Said a guy with a scar on his cheek has a height of two meters black hair black eyes is light complexion has a large musculature his hands look thick pro the work he has done in if he is an intimidating person wears a somewhat dirty clothes that shows some oil stains.

The man only saw the guy to run away.

Ariza: "I think I should thank you for chasing the fat man away."- She said it gratefully.

John: "no problem my name is John stars."- He said it smiling.

Ariza: "it's a pleasure I'm Ariza Tangier and this little guy is Richard Augustus Parker."- She said it so I just said hello with a smile.

John: "oh...hey kid how are you doing..."- He said it caressing my head.

Richard: 'I like the guy, he looks like he works hard.'- I thought about it by looking at him.

Richard: 'see his condition.'- I thought about it by looking at him.

Name: john stars.

Level: 35.

Danger level: f+++

Quirk: none.

Ability: mechanized.

Passive skills: fatigue resistance, overexertion, hunger resistance, tanned skin, pain resistance, passive thinking, minor marksmanship.

How he sees you: you don't see a person with quirk every day.


Ariza started chatting with John, who occasionally stares at me.

He just pulls out a metal pen and gives it to me.

John: "Tell me, kid, what do you think it's made of?"

I sniff it a little.

Richard: "It's a mix of stainless steel and mild iron and it has some strange silver in it."- I said quizzically.

John: "you can detect the alloy you have a good quirk what do you call it."

Richard: "I don't know, I think I would call it adaptation."- I said thoughtfully.

John: "a mutation quirk that gives you a sense enhancement, although you are not four years old so there is still a chance that it will be completed since most of the mutation type quirks finish maturing at four years old."- He said looking at me with interest.

Ariza: "What do you plan to do with my little asura"- She said hugging me tightly.

John: "nothing it's just amazing to see a child with a quirk with so much potential."- He said it smiling.

Richard: "what do you think sir."

John: "tell me how you see the world."

Ariza: "what kind of question is that to a two year old."

Richard: "nothing sir, just that the world is very vast and I want to know as much as I can."- I said it with a certain touch of emotion.

Richard: 'Fuck behaving like a mature person, I'm a kid right now, I'm going to enjoy it in my own way.'- I thought smiling.

[that's good sir I want you to see the world as you wish and the upgrade is over would you like to evolve the passive skill of analytical thinking]

Richard: 'yes.'- I thought seriously.



[superior mind passive skill]

[superior mind] {1/100}


'I understand the world differently.'- I thought about it by looking a little bit at the complexity of reality itself to some extent which is very limited.

Richard: 'my knowledge about the world is as limited as a molecule.'- I thought about it seriously.

[another slot has been created for another passive ability].

John: "wouldn't you like to see everything I've been able to gather."- He said it with a smile.

Richard: "yes I would."

John: "that's good."

Ariza grabbed John to pull him aside.

Ariza: "what's the catch."

John: "what do you mean?"

Ariza: "you can't fool me what you want from my baby."- She said it without a hint of doubt.

John: "The child was able to detect metals just by smelling it, you know how incredible it is."

Ariza: "That's normal, he can tell what kind of components some materials are made of because he likes books so much."

John: "You don't understand, do you?"

John: "what matters is not that he has a quirk, that's the least important thing, tell me at what age he learned to read."

Ariza: *when he started talking when he was one year six months old he would ask me to know what was on the sheets of paper."

John: "and he learned to read."

Ariza: "three months ago."- She said it proudly for teaching me.

John: "don't you notice something."

Ariza: "yes my baby is a genius."

John: "that's right, you've never seen a child learn to read at two years old and try to figure out what everything is made of."

John: "maybe."

Ariza: "what could it be."

John: "it's his quirk."

Ariza: "didn't you say that his quirk was not special."

John: "I'm not wrong, he said himself that it's adaptation, all babies are curious, so his quirk helps his mind learn faster."

So far.


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