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I just sighed when I saw that I finished building my first fully habitable planet.

"I'm done, settle down in this place."- I said with a proud smile.

[Sir, what name will you give to your main planet?]

Richard: "I will name it in honor of my grandmother Gaia."

Richard: "all are welcome to Gaia."- I said with a satisfied smile.

Richard: "I think I've spent too much time already, I need to go back home."- I said smiling.

I just take out the key to open the portal when I enter with the big smile I had, it disappears because of what is in front of me.

What is in front of me is what was once New York, I see in the sky that a fusion of parademons and doomsday are flying.

I see something falling from the sky I get closer to see what it is to see that it is Captain America's shield I hear something rolling to see that it is a head.

Richard: "o-or-or-ororo."- I said it as I pick up the head and see it is it or what is left of it had a bite out of its head.

Richard: "w-what happened."- I said it while I feel a great pain in my chest.

In my hand appeared again alala.

Alala: "my lord this presence or rather the energy I know it is omega energy."- She said it softly in my ear.

"Darkseid."- I only released that word to see how in front of me they are fighting against a multitude of those things.

Richard: "I must find the others, it can't be possible that this is happening."- I said it to take off to where they are fighting.

I see Karen, Galatea, Kori, Emma, and Illyana who are facing that crowd of monsters while the few civilians can watch helplessly.

I charge alala with cosmic energy to launch a slash that slices through everything in front of it.

Karen: "who was that."

Emma: "It doesn't matter, it's just good to know that he's on our side."- She said it to falling to the ground exhausted.

They just watched as I rushed over.

Before I could speak Karen hit me in the face with a closed fist.

Karen: "Why are you showing up now."- She said it with contempt.

Emma: "get a hold of yourself Karen this is not the time."- She said it seriously.

Emma: "I want to know what you were doing while we were all dying." She said it with rage.

Richard: "I wasn't in the dimension."

Illyana: "I already know that because I couldn't contact you, what the hell happened."

Richard: "The dimensional gods locked me in a dimension and until I killed my brothers I couldn't come back."

Illyana: "Dimensional gods is the same thing Peter said, you think I'm stupid, there are no such gods."

The presence: "Actually, we do exist."- Said one of the civilians who came out to see me.

Richard: "The presence, what the hell happened."- I asked passing by Illyana who looked at the civilian.

The presence: "they did the test if this dimension was active they would survive, but it didn't happen they trusted each other and this is what happened."- He said it stretching his hands.

Illyana: "It's a joke, you can't be a dimensional god, you were behind us the whole time."

He just snapped his fingers for time to freeze.

Richard: "This is a fucking joke the presence."- I said it with fury.

The presence: "no boy, this is your fault you have not gone to other dimensions and conquered them you are already a lower-grade dimensional god you must see this place and these women as they are versions of the thousands in this multiverse."- He said it calmly.

That made all five of them shudder.

Richard: "fuck the three of you."- I said it with fury pointing at him.

The presence: "I'm sorry kid but you've already reached the point of being a dimensional god so this will be something you'll see all the time."

Richard: "but this is my dimension here are the people I love how can it be every day to see this."

The presence: "no this is not your dimension this is in our domain so we have this duty."- He said it without any doubt.

Galatea: "And why is this damn test."

The presence: "It is simple and this world has reached the point that it is totally dangerous for the other worlds, it is full of unimaginable levels of danger for the dimensions that are in my control and the above all, so it is necessary that it gets out of control so that it is sent into the void and destroyed."

Richard: "You are leaving."- I said it pointing to the five of them.

Kori: "where this dimension will disappear there is no place to flee to."- She said it seriously.

I took out a key.

Emma: "that key looks just like the one Richards had."- She said it seriously.

Richard: "This is a dimensional key you will enter without asking and I will take as many as I can you have a problem with that."

The presence was about to speak to make him feel that he was being pulled by the shoulder to make it look alter to get out of the frozen crowd.

Alter: "no but by doing that we will strip you of all power you will go back to being a mortal when this dimension collapses so do what you want son."- He said it with a smile.

Richard: "You are not my father."- I said looking at him.

Alter: "I am"- He said it to say goodbye as he was leaving.

Richard: "That bastard is not my father."

The presence: "he is, that's why your soul is so strong."

Richard: "Fuck this is bullshit."- I said it so the presence would disappear.

I just turn to see the girls looking at me.

Richard: "enter the dimension."- I said it while I open the portal for the civilians to enter.

Karen: "I won't go until..."- I just hit her to knock her unconscious and throw her into the portal.

Richard: "You'll y will enter or I have to do the same thing I did with Karen."

Emma: "we won't leave until we see darkseid dead."- She said it ready to attack me.

I just came closer.

Richard: "Emma I will kill Darkseid if it's the last thing I do you guys just enjoy the quiet."- I said it to kiss her and watch her collapse in my arms.

Emma: "no, no, it's the last thing I want is to know that he's dead."- She said it seeing with desperation.

Richard: "I love them and I could not see that I also lose them as I lost the others."- I said it in a loving tone.

Kori: "Richard, you will come back to us when you finish, won't you?"- She asked.

Richard: "Yes I swear."- I said it with a smile and they started to come in but not before kissing me.

After the five of them went in I closed the gate.

Richard: "Help me, which species are still alive."- I asked seriously.

[the naga are still alive mostly young and females with some males with the queen still protected].

Richard: "can you guide me."

[yes sir]

I just nodded in acceptance when I see a large number of those things coming toward me.

Richard: "how many living things are in this area."

[at this time zero]

Richard: "black point."- I said it so that a black hole shot out of my hand when I touched one of them it spread out starting to completely devour the city.

I ran to a port where I jumped into the sea to start swimming.

Getting as far away as I can I teleport to what was once Atlantis.

I see that there is blood and some limbs were strewn about, I see the body of a baby or well half of it.

Richard: "The Atlanteans are all dead aren't they."- I said it looking at the empty place.

Maureen: "no my god only 3 / 4 of them are dead we were able to save the ones we could."- She said it arriving with one eye covered while she approaches tired.

Richard: "Maureen, how is your race doing?"

Maureen: "we managed to save all that we could only hold on by your blessing our lord."

Richard: "what happened to your eye."

Maureen: "A small cost for keeping my people safe."- She said it while from her back she pulled out a gun.

Richard: "tell me why are you doing this"- I asked her to catch her gun.

Maureen: "because lord Darkseid gave me the gift of a second chance."- She said it while the part that has covered her eye glows red to show a mechanical part.

Richard: "Maureen, where is your race?"- I asked seriously.

Maureen: "They will soon be part of Lord Darkseid."

Richard: "Are you willing to let your race that has lived for millennia be eliminated by a vermin that can't be less than a hundred years old?"- I asked her sternly.

Maureen: "I-I must obey Lord Darkseid."

Richard: "Darkseid is not your god, I am your god."- I said as I show more power.

She just bows.

Maureen: "They're being moved to Apokolips by a mother box that's in the center of Atlantis."

Richard: "Thank you, Maureen."

Maureen: "My god kill me."- She said it looking me in the eyes.

Richard: "Maureen."

Maureen: "I don't know how long I can control myself my lord so kill me."- She said it with fear of herself.

Richard: "I will fulfill your wish."- I said it to take out hell Frost and behead her.

I start to run to where the other naga are looking at a queen Mera who is missing her lower part like an arm that was replaced by mechanical parts.

Mera: "quick trash lord Darkseid wants them as soon as possible."- She said it in a semi-mechanical voice.

I unleash alala to start destroying the machines to get in front of mera and pierce her head.

Then I kick her and release my sword from her body.

While in my personal dimension.

Alter: "Let's modify."- He said it with a smile so that feels a hand on his shoulder.

Alter: "the presence I already told you it's for his own good."

God: "I don't think so."- He said it calmly.

Alter: "Little brother, how are you?"- He said it smiling.

God: "Stay away from that dimension, it's not in your jurisdiction."

Alter: "Yes it is because it has beings that belong to me."

God: "That dimension no longer belongs to Richard."- He said it seriously.

Alter: "It's the first time you defend something that happens, you got attached to my son."- He said it in a mocking tone.

God: "He is my doorman and because of you and for influencing the other two idiots I will have to wait for him to reincarnate again so that I can recover the souls and start the reincarnation cycle again."

Alter: "of course you know I can get you a better gatekeeper from heaven, someone who fits your standards."

God: "No, I like the boy and this dimension is under my protection while he cannot protect it."

Alter: "seriously little brother what if..."- before he moves a hand he is trapped in chains so god can begin to extract his soul.

Alter: "You would seriously make me start the reincarnation cycle of your own older brother."

God: "who said you would enter the cycle of reincarnation, I will divide your soul and send it to parts that will last forever."- He said it seriously.

Alter: "you can't do that without me the multiverse would go into chaos."-

God: "not the one it is in right now the dimension you just forced into chaos was going to be a base for a new multiverse you know the cost we are talking about."

Alter: "How the hell would I know that."

God: "Mother said it, Alter, you didn't pay attention, the multiverses are separated so that different souls with potential can come to the position of God and lighten our work."

Alter: "You can't do this to me, we are brothers."

God: "you killed your own son and right now you have just destroyed everything he built just to try to turn him into a twisted version of you."

God: "he will be agur's successor not yours alter he has to love have wives that are all multiverse feel love love love and the main thing the desire to protect."- He said it seriously.

Alter: "agur was an idealistic idiot, he didn't know how to do his job."

God: "that's where you're wrong, he knew how to do his job perfectly and demonstrated it at every moment, remember that he lives with all dimensions, so he must see that there are not so many deaths in the dimensions to make my job easier."- he said seriously.

God began to separate alter into parts to begin to send it to different places in the multiverse.**

Chamuel: "my lord I think I should go help Richard."- She said it while she is kneeling, but she looks trembling with despair.

God: "you can't Chamuel."

Chamuel:" father I can't let richard die it's a fight he won't win no matter what he is doomed."- She said it scared.

God: "It has been a long time since you called me father Chamuel, my little one, this is a battle he will not win and he knows it himself, he has no way to win."- He said it while entering the planet he believes.

The fauns and the girls saw a being of light come down and chamuel arrived.

Karen: "Why did you abandon us?"- She said it looking at chamuel.

God: "I forced her to come back."

Illyana: "Because she and her people would have been of great help."

God: "I can't, they weren't completely in my domain and it will be a losing fight like what Richard is going to do right now."

Kori: "like what he's going to do."

God: "Richard is going for a suicide fight against Darkseid he knows he can't win it's a death sentence, but he will fight anyway."

Yang: "wait stop him as you mention it you must be fond of him."- She said it scared.

God: "I can't stop him and if I appreciate him he has proven to be much better than his father in a good nephew."

Emma: "open a portal."- She said it seriously.

God: "no"

Emma: "open a portal damn useless being."- She said it to throw herself against him.

She was just floating in the air.

God: "I can't let the only thing that survived for Richard die with his second body."

Emma: "Second body."

God: "he is a god, small to have a physical body is a key for him to reach his divinity he can come back to life although I don't think he knows it."- He said this while watching a screen being built.

While with Richard.

I caught the mother box to close it.

I saw the surviving nagas.

Richard: "enter this portal."- I said it to open a portal to my dimension.

Naga: "You've return our mistress must be filled with joy."

Richard: "She died to prevent this from happening, enter because it is my duty to protect you."- I said this so that the nagas would begin to enter as they fell into the sea to enjoy the warm water that would begin to heal them of their wounds.

I close the portal to go to themyscira I teleport to get to an island that is in ruins I walk around to get to the temple I am greeted by thousands of arrows I let them hit my body which begins to heal I see all the amazons that see me come out.

I see Hippolyta come out and she is wearing armor and her golden sash while wielding a thick sword and shield.

Hippolyta: "I see that misfortune also struck you Richard."- She said it in a tone I hope.

Richard: "yes queen Hippolyta I was betrayed by the dimensional gods to leave you to your fate."

Hippolyta: "What do you want us to do a suicide attack against darkseid."

Amazon: "My queen this is insane."- She said this in an upset way.

Hippolyta raised her hand to shut her up.

Richard: "No, you will leave this world to be safe.

Hippolyta: "You came to save us, that's the other way around Richard, we were born to take care of you, not..."

Richard: "This is not a suggestion Hippolyta, even if I have to break your bones I will take you out of this dimension."- I said it without a hint of doubt.

Hippolyta: "Well you will have to do it."- She said it preparing her weapon for Donna to hit her in the head knocking her unconscious.

Donna: "You really are a stubborn person mother."- She said it to charge her.

Richard: "amazons get your stuff ready you have to leave this place in less than 10 minutes."- I said it seriously.

Donna: "What world are we going to."

Richard: "To my dimension, a place where all of you can be calm."- I said smiling and she just nodded.

[sir more doomdemon are coming]

Richard: 'Got it helpi.'- I thought seriously.

I just took a deep breath.

""WORLD OF ANGER"" - I said it so all the negative feelings that were too much.


[has managed to enter uncovering the last vestige of the beast]

"well let's start by finishing them off."- I said this as my voice grew thicker three pairs of wings came out of my back I grew a horn in the middle of my head and the ones on my forehead turned to the sides and two other horns came out pointing to the ground my body filled with scales my fingers turned into claws my body grew to about 7 meters tall while my skin thickened more as I grew a long tail that was shaped like a zipper at the bottom.

As I push my energy into the key to throw donna who stares at it.

Donna: "What do we do with this"

Richard: "Open a door to my dimension."- Without further ado, I take off against the doomdemons waiting for me.

She only made the air as if it were a door so that it opens a portal where all the Amazons that had prepared as I told them arrived with the material, all of them entered together with Hippolyta who was still unconscious.

I just get to where I see a massive amount of doomdemons that are preparing their weapons to attack me I just take a deep breath and spit a call of fire that melts them completely since that fire has magical attributes.

I see a portal open to see kara the kara from my dimension come out she has a suit of armor that has the omega symbol on her chest.

Richard: 'that's why she never made it to earth, he trapped her and reeducated her.'- I thought about it seeing how it comes closer to attack me, I just trapped it with my hand.

Richard: "Kara Zor - Kal's cousin - you attacked my planet and yet you come back to hurt the race that belongs to me."

Kara: "You think you're strong, you're just another stupid beast that can stand up to Lord Darkseid."- She said it trying to get out of my grip.

I just squeezed him so that his head would come off the pure body that is Kara.

Richard: "so much potential wasted by someone like Darkseid who is just looking for a stupid equation that will only drive him crazy."- I said it with disappointment.

I saw the portal open to start flying I looked at the Amazons that were entering I grabbed the key that gives me the freedom to enter the Marvel multiverse and threw it into my portal.

I enter the portal that takes me to Darkseid's planet.

I just look I'm in space I'm surrounded I just spit a big puff of fire that eliminates the doomdemons to use my claws to destroy the remaining ones I look behind me to see multiple green lights approaching.

I just roar loudly to see that the green lanterns are not coming alone I see how the lanterns of different colors pink, red, yellow, and Blue, among others are approaching.

Red lantern: "what are you."- He said it pointing at me.

Richard: "I'm just a poor god who comes to seek revenge against Darkseid."- I said it to take off towards his planet to start charging cosmic energy in my mouth to shoot it towards the planet that upon impact begins to consume the planet's metal.

I just go flying entering the infernal atmosphere of Apocalypse to head to where Darkseid's base is where my fight awaits me while I advance I feel the pain to see that I'm missing an arm and I see that Clark holds my arm to throw it to the ground.

Richard: "extreme regeneration shit."- I said it so nothing happens.

Richard: "what's up."

[you can't use that ability because you have committed multiple dimensional infractions I have gone against the principles of the dimensional gods some abilities have been removed]

Richard: 'great the ability that could have helped me get my arm back is gone.'- I thought it to fly towards Clark it is protected by lead armor I just spit a more concentrated flare as it flies towards me.

I let go of the flare it just shoots its heat ray that cuts my eye.

I just roar in pain but increase the intensity of the flare to hear a scream of pain.

I stop the flare to see Clark whose body is melting I could see his skin and lead melting as he tried to move I approached him to hit the ground to destroy his body completely.

Richard: 'I lost sight of one of my eyes.'- I thought about it while touching my right eye which is shattered.

I see the lanterns that are fighting against the doom demons it looks like it is a close fight since the lanterns are holding on by their numbers since attacking first the planet I ended up with.

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