17 Age 121

Time Passed and it is currently Age 121, Back on Planet Geyser a Frost Demon just completed his Thawing process. His power level makes the other Frost Demons on the planet seem like ants that can be crushed beneath his feet, He will later be known as King Cold.

Looking around Planet Geyser in his Iconic form he grinned slightly as he started to adjust to his body.

Back on Planet Zero, the leaders of the 20 Planets in the south Galaxy Alliance are sitting in a manner similar to a parliament session, in the seat of Honor Zero sat as the Chairman of the Alliance and the Leader of the Supreme power, Planet Zero.

Under his seat was the 5 Major Powers: The Race of Hera, The Jikans, The Tuffles, The Kawa, and The Glass People of Planet Crystal.

Under the 5 Major powers were the 15 Minor powers which included: The Makyans of the Makyo Star, The Arlians of Planet Arlia, The Beenz of Planet Beenz, The Gelboians of Planet Gelbo, The Imeckians of Planet Imecka, The Kabochan of Planet Kabocha, The Zarbonians of Planet Zarbon, The Konatsians of Planet Konats, and various other races.

The Alliance was set up with Contribution, Power level, and other factors involved. Each Major power had to manage 3 Minor powers to make the flow of information and resources easier.

As the main base of the South Galaxy Alliance and the Supreme power of the Alliance, Planet Zero became a metropolis unlike anything ever seen as many different species and goods moving through it to reach other sectors of the Galaxy.

Along with that many different Kianko-hybrids started to appear as many species wanted to elevate their status by grabbing on to the thickest thigh.

There were three very interesting developments due to this, General Koji actually married a Heraian women, together they had 3 Children: Darts (8) Small pale-skinned kid with orange hair, Gil (6) Teal skinned with a Tail and bright red hair, Jess(3) Lightblue colored Skin with Yellow hair and a Tail.

Zero deemed this to be the mutation of Saiyan genetic traits due to the introduction of another set of dominant genes. When Zero created the Kianko he turned the tail into a rare genetic property so the chance of offspring being born with a tail was infinitesimally small, the Tuffle docility being engrained into their very DNA allowed this modification. However, it seems that warrior races fight even on a molecular level for dominance.

So more and more interspecies relations happened the more of these interesting things came to be, and like Saiyan-Human hybrids, these offspring seemed to boast superior potential than their parents.

"So starting this year we will explore the other parts of the Universe before dealing with the increasing threat of the Saiyans."

After integrating the genetic makeup of the other races Zero's former forms became no more as his species moved from Greater Frost Demon to Ascendant Frost Demon. Currently, he was in his new First form which was his former Final form, currently, he had no other transformations as his body no longer had a need to suppress his enormous power level.

All around the room everyone perked up and started to pay more attention as to not miss any details.

"In our Universe, there are two main Galaxies the North and South with numerous other galaxies surrounding these two. So the plan is to explore the northern Galaxy as I feel the key to our continued survival in this galaxy lies there.

While at the moment we may appear strong, this in itself is just an illusion due to the fact we have no other threats currently. Yet this complacent way of thinking will lead to our destruction, while we should continue to live our now prosperous lives there is no need for us to stop improving ourselves.

To maintain this peace we must be ready for any and all threats that may appear! No matter if the threat is a Saiyan, a demon, or even a god."

Zero flicked his tail and a map appeared in the center of the conference room.

"This is a map of the current known Galaxy."

Flicking his tail again the map zoomed out.

"This is a map of the South Area of the universe which contains our southern Galaxy."

Flicking his tail again the map zoomed out more, causing gasps.

"This is the Northern and Southern Areas of Universe 7."


An Elder of one of the minor powers spoke with a considerable amount of confusion in his voice as his world view was shattered.

"Yes, there are 11 other universes than our own. Not only that but this universe is considered to be one the weakest and Smallest."

Gasps once again rang out as Zero raised his hand to calm down the clambering crowd.

"Do you all now understand my urgency? Who knows what may happen is we remain the way we are now? What if someone hell-bent on destruction comes along? What will we do as our planets are destroyed like giant space bubbles that seem like nothing more than a child's toy to some powerful entity?

We are not as "Supreme" as we may seem! Forget about the Saiyans which have a god on their side what about Majin Buu?"

The Silence to this question conveyed the attitudes of the others perfectly as they remember the stories that were passed on from generation to generation about the terror of the Majin.

"In times of uncertainty, you must become certain but how do you do that?"

Crossing his arms across his chest Zero looked out at the myriad of different beings in the room as they all looked at him as if they were students before a teacher.

"Power changes Everything."

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