282 What Is the Truth?

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In fact, Chris was thinking the same thing. He decided that he couldn't let this man leave easily!

But he now had lots of doubts within him.

In order to keep his affair with Sharon a secret, he had chosen to stay in this private villa away from the Douglases' main residence. Not only were there a couple of bodyguards guarding the entrance, but there were also some of his personal bodyguards guarding the door to this room.

Yet this stranger actually managed to kick the heavy door of the room off its hinges and barge right in, while his bodyguards outside did nothing to stop him. Perhaps they were caught off guard. But now that Lucas was already standing in front of him and had said so many things to him, those bodyguards were still nowhere in sight.

That could only mean that his bodyguards had been incapacitated!

At this point, Chris was frightened.


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