1106 What Happened?

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Although this was the first time he encountered such a situation, it was rather common in modern dramas and novels.

Moreover, Lucas wasn't stupid. He obviously understood from the way Lena had tried to get close to him repeatedly, as well as the unconcealable emotions in her eyes, that she had a crush on him.

So… after I got drunk last night, did Lena and I…

Lucas didn't dare to continue thinking about it further. He frantically said, "Lena Sawyer!"

But no one in the room responded. Lena clearly wasn't here now.

Lucas was flustered. He hurriedly took out his phone to call Lena to clarify the situation, only to find that he had more than 20 missed calls and messages.

They were all from Cheyenne.

At this moment, Lucas's heart was full of incomparable guilt and remorse.

Only now did he finally understand why it was so common for people to make mistakes after getting drunk.


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