188 Trouble

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"Damn it!" Scott cursed in rage and was about to get his bodyguards to deal with Lucas and show him his prowess. But to his astonishment, the two bodyguards approached him and whispered into his ear, "Mr. Taylor, that punk has strange combat skills, and we can't tell how strong he really is. If he joins forces with that tall and burly one beside him, I'm afraid the two of us can't beat them."

Although they sounded slightly cowardly, the bodyguards had to speak up now. Otherwise, they would be beaten up later and be even more embarrassed. If Scott were beaten up badly, they wouldn't have it easy either.

"Damn it!" Scott cursed again with a sullen expression.

He was not completely ignorant. If he were to insist on fighting despite knowing that he would definitely lose, he would be asking for it.


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