1094 Tracking

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In order to find out Lucas's true identity, Alexander had sent someone to investigate his basic information last night. So he easily found out his marital status and family situation.

Alexander was especially shocked to learn that Lucas had been a live-in husband.

But regardless of when he was still a penniless young man who had yet to make a name for himself or when he returned to Orange County a powerful man after six years, he had always been good to his wife.

This was extremely rare.

Thus, Alexander thought that he should make Ashley know she had no chance and to forget those feelings early, lest she gets hurt further.

After hearing what Alexander said, Ashley trembled, and her face turned sullen.

She lowered her head and bit her lip. After a while, she said, "Got it. Don't worry, Alex. I won't have any other thoughts about him. How can a girl like me be worthy of such an outstanding man?"


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