794 The Overlord

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The moment Lucas stepped forward and revealed that he was the Master of California, Florence felt frenzied.

She never thought that the poor good-for-nothing whom she had always despised and had been trying to force to divorce Cheyenne was the Master of California, to whom she had tried every possible way to get closer. She even wanted her daughter to marry him.

She felt suffocated when she imagined what Lucas thought of her when she said those things to him.

No, it's not my fault. It's all because of Lucas Gray. He's clearly my son-in-law, but he didn't reveal his true identity to me.

It's not my fault!

Moreover, Lucas turned out to be the person she had been trying hard to get close to, meaning that her wish for the Master of California to become her son-in-law had already been fulfilled long ago. She didn't have to bother about this anymore!

It was an unexpected happy event for Florence.


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