1088 Shocking Words

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Standing in front of the ring, Trevor had his mouth agape, looking utterly dumbfounded.

Maxim was a top expert he had gone through painstaking efforts to hire, and he had already helped him defeat Alexander and Godfrey two years in a row. As long as Maxim helped him win once more, he would definitely be appointed as the third-generation heir of the Steeles!

But now, Maxim had just died in front of him, and Trevor could even smell the bloody scent emanating from Maxim's corpse through the steel rail guards.

Maxim dying was a trivial matter, but it meant that he had lost to Alexander in the tournament.

The fact that Godfrey had just died and he had just lost to Alexander meant that the majority of their businesses would be handed to Alexander!

How could this happen?!

He had been so close to defeating Alexander, yet the latter surpassed him at this juncture. He obviously couldn't let it happen!


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