1109 Sending Help When Needed

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"Alexander Steele, enough! You keep saying that we can't offend that punk Lucas Gray, or it will bring disaster to the Steeles. But I heard yesterday that he's just an illegitimate child expelled from the Huttons two decades ago. That's what Jace, the scion of the Huttons, said himself!

"Lucas Gray just knows some martial arts, and he defeated my subordinates because they were careless. It's not because he's powerful!

"You can scare others with your lies, but you actually want to deceive Grandpa. You're really overestimating yourself! Grandpa is the helmsman of the esteemed Steeles, and he's not even afraid of the Huttons' helmsman. Why would he be afraid of an outcast of the Huttons? Do you take us for fools?" Trevor immediately retorted loudly at Alexander.


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