Reviews of The Formidable Son-In-Law: The Charismatic Lucas Gray


The Formidable Son-In-Law: The Charismatic Lucas Gray

Mu Jiuzhou

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The “son-in-law” novels are super popular in china. I’ll name some of them to emphasize how popular they are... *ahem* The Strongest Son-in-Law(最强女婿). Most Optimal Son-in-Law(最佳女婿). Return of the Mad Son-in-Law(狂婿归来). Invincible Son-in-Law(无敌神婿). The Perfect Son-in-Law(完美女婿). Super Son-in-Law(超级女婿). History’s Most Optimal Son-in-Law(史上最佳女婿). First All-Rounder Son-in-Law(第一全能女婿). God Level Crazy Son-in-Law(神级狂婿). Wealthiest Son-in-Law(巨富女婿). This isn’t even 0.00001% of all the “Son-in-law” novels they have. Besides, they’re all mostly the same; mc marries some super beautiful young lady from an influential family, others look down on the mc and bullies him. The mc finds out that he’s some long lost child of another influential family/The mc reveals that he was actually the CEO of a big company(it’s usually either one of these and it only gets revealed when his wife is facing some troubles, usually her company shutting down).

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5/3/2/2/2 2.8 the whole plot could have been over if mc just went to his wife's house in his military outfit with his staff and clear any misconceptions.


This novel has a lot of misunderstandings and unnecessary drama. - The MC abandoned his wife and daughter to go to the army and become a man worthy of his wife and do not humiliate him anymore, but when he meets his wife and daughter, he does not show that he has improved . So what use were all those years of effort? - The MC is the worst, it has no dignity and pride because it is easily humiliated and insulted by anyone and it does not defend itself or retaliate. - The MC is an important figure in the army, owner of a large company and claims to be capable but when the time comes to prove that he is worthy, he acts like a fool and decides to hide his identity ... - All the characters lack intelligence and personality. (In conclusion, this novel is mediocre and lacks originality) Note: this review was written using the google translator.


Kinda felt it was repeated. Similar stories have been expressed in other novels where The main character the dad comes and is super OP. Overall not bad but I wouldn’t recommend if you’ve been reading stories like that


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The story is very boring the ML went to go missing for 6 yrs because he wants to prove that he is worthy of his wife but when he came back, He just accepts all ridicule and not even showing what he's capable of its a meh story if ur into this kind of story u can try it but if u don't what those dramas with the FL relatives continuously ridiculing the ML for so many chapters then don't bother reading this.


i honestly think the author is high. so far I've read several chapters and from what I've seen the mc should be formidable but I'm seeing is him taking insults left and right. what part of that is formidable. for a man that's served 6 years in the military he sure is a coward. authors like these are hypocritical and honestly just copy a story and somehow make it worse




The writer has good potential but he does not do enough research about the country hes trying to write the story setting in. His book literally has many errors in culture like guns being rare in the United States or businesses doing cooperations because hes too lazy to Describe the actual business transactions. At 1st the book was good and I can pass up the shotty writing but when you go through about a 130 chapters of it and you still see really glaring and I'm carrying mistakes that just make the Book unreadable in a choppy mess.


just more garbage that they pack into every cliche novel... . . ... ...


I havent been able to get on for three days!!!!!! ThIs is the last book I will be reading on this sight. I didnt know when i started reading this book that i would have to wait 12 hours before the next chapter!


This story is kind of similar the one i read into other apps called SAGO the name story is THE GOD OF WAR BACK FROM THE DEAD. anyways I'm gonna keep reading this one, i love this kind of story though..


Very bad story, the plot is inexisant, the charachters make no sense at all and they're stupid. The translation is very bad, except changing the chinese names in occidental ones and same for the locations, everything else is still the same so a lot of things make no sense.... I could write a book about how bad this is. At least put forward good novels.


Havent finished because i dont have money but the free chapters i get here and there i live ready this story just wish i had money to continue are more ways to earn full reading story instead of one chapter at time


After reading 17 chapters, It is just a nonsense family melodrama. How is this novel's genre is Magical Realm? The genre categorization is so misleading.


THE PACE IS SLOW, IT GOT BORING. PLS DONT DRAG THE STORY.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


This novel its so generic that I only read a chapter per day. itS been a month since I started and I already feel that I lost about 30 points of IQ, I don’t know why it’s so addictive thought lol


This sucks doesn’t update on time and sometimes no updates for 12 OR 24 hrs. I have spent so much money with this book but always disappointed when no updates on time


Very nice story Exciting Excellent I love every chapter Very much indeed fascinating You will glued reading every chapter Cant wait to read all chapters


Another wish fulfillment story that stretches the plot in completely unrealistic ways .......................................... filler to post