182 Regret

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To Dominic's immense disbelief, the senior executives of the Hale enterprises, including the general managers, looked at one another again after drawing a line with the Carters. Then they walked up to Lucas and bowed to him, seemingly already having made up their minds.

"Mr. Gray, I am Anthony Holmes, the general manager of the Fly Corporation under the Hales. I'm willing to plead allegiance to you!"

"Mr. Gray, I'm Chester Cohen of Joy Co. that belongs to the Hale family. I'm also willing to submit to you!"

"I'm Fred Crawford of Feather Co., and I'm willing to submit to you too!"

"I'm Jim Sullivan of Dragon Co., and I'd also like to plead allegiance to you!"


These elites clad in suits all bowed down to Lucas and pledged allegiance to him. It was extremely spectacular!

Dumbfounded, all the Carters were at a loss for words. Is Lucas Gray… really the loser live-in son-in-law we kicked out of the family?


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