1182 Person From the Past

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However, since Ashley had already spoken, Lucas naturally couldn't deny it on the spot. So he could only smile and play along. "Really? Of course I'm happy! In that case, you can't drink today. Alcohol isn't good for the baby. Let's get you some juice instead."

Ashley blushed coyly and said joyfully, "Alright. Honey, you're so good to me!"

The two of them talked in harmony, completely ignoring the young man who came over to hit on Ashley.

Being ignored by them and hearing them talk as if they were the only ones present, the young man instantly looked displeased.

He originally thought that Lucas and Ashley were just boyfriend and girlfriend, so he could try to hit on her. But it turned out that they were married, and the gorgeous Ashley was pregnant. He immediately knew that she wasn't the right target to flirt with.


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