1091 Paying Someone Back In Their Own Coin

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"Haha, Mr. White, I bet that bastard Lucas Gray will die miserably this time! This place belongs to the Whitleys, and there are experts everywhere. It'll be hard for him to escape no matter how well he can fight!" Jace said excitedly.

The white-bearded old man nodded in agreement. "Yes, Lucas Gray's martial arts skills are quite impressive. He's the youngest expert I've seen in all these years, but he's nothing in front of the royal family!

"Look at those two old fogeys standing behind Ashton Hills. They're top experts of the Hills, and they're even stronger than me. No matter how powerful Lucas Gray is, there's no way he can fight against those two!"

Hearing this, Jace was overjoyed. "Great! I can't wait to see Lucas getting defeated!"

Meanwhile, a sharp look appeared in Lucas's eyes when he heard Ashton using the lives of Alexander and Ashley to threaten him.


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