1099 Mother's Secret

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The black-clothed assassin was just a hired killer, not a soldier who would risk his life to complete his mission at all costs. So after seeing the bad situation, he immediately thought of retreating. He turned around and fled.

The assassin thought, Given my speed, even if I can't beat them, I can escape easily—

But the next second, a sharp sound of something cutting through the air charged straight toward the back of his head.


The assassin was shocked and immediately moved to dodge, but it was already too late. A sharp rock penetrated his head from the back, instantly mangling the flesh of his brain and killing him.


The assassin was still in the posture of running forward when he suddenly fell to the ground and turned motionless.

"Tsk!" Jordan sighed and said with displeasure, "Lucas, you already said that you would leave this person to me to deal with. I haven't even put out any real moves yet!"


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