1351 Minding Other People’s Business

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Seeing this, Jensen's eyes flashed with a trace of smugness. Pretending to be bullied, he pursed his lips and wept miserably. "Young man, at my age, it's not easy for me to run a business and open a store. I gave you all the protection fees you demanded before, but my small store didn't do well. I really don't have any more money to give you!

"Now that my store is gone too, I only have a few hundred dollars left. This amount is only enough to cover my train ticket home. Please let me off and stop forcing me to pay you protection money!"

Jensen's words immediately caused the bystanders to become even more furious.

"Indeed, it's a thug who collects protection fees! Tsk, young man, of all things, why do you have to engage in this dirty business that harms others? You're such a lowlife!"

"Hah, a bastard like him only knows to bully the old and the weak. What else can he do? What a piece of trash! Punk, listen up. I won't let you bully this old man!"


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