1112 Making A Request

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As soon as Alexander finished speaking, Elise, who had always been calm and steady, couldn't help but inhale sharply.

The four major borders of the country were each guarded by a million-strong legion and led by an existence that was regarded highly by all.

Not to mention the most powerful people around the chiefs who held the greatest authority, even just soldiers of the chiefs all had high statuses in the country. They were likely powerful enough to annihilate the eight top families of DC.

She couldn't believe that Lucas actually had such a high status!

In the past, Elise wouldn't have believed it. But now that she had met Lucas in person and sensed his deeply hidden yet formidable aura, she found Alexander's guesses very convincing.

Alexander said, "Mom, now you know why I didn't hesitate to agree to Mr. Gray's request, right? This is an amazing opportunity he's given us!"


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