1371 King of DC

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Eric glared at Rayson, wanting nothing more than to kill him immediately. "Rayson Williams, you… you bastard! Derek had already promised to compensate the Bransons with all of the Piers' businesses, but you suddenly shot and killed him. What will happen to the compensation he wanted to give the Bransons? You have to give me an explanation, or else the Williams won't have a good time!"

Rayson sneered. "Eric Branson, don't treat us as fools. Don't think we'll let you fool us!

"Before you came here, Derek and the Piers were already under Mr. Gray's control. Everything that belongs to the Piers is already in Mr. Gray's pocket. What right do you have to snatch them?

"Let me tell you, I deliberately killed Derek. I couldn't let him sign and hand those things over to a sly old fox like you!"

When Eric heard this, his mouth was about to twist from anger. "Rayson Williams, you bastard, you're simply tired of living!"


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