1191 King’s Room

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Just as everyone was staring at Lucas in shock and wondering what his background was, Silas suddenly laughed, stepped forward, and said to the manager, "Mr. Frey, you don't have to be so formal!"

The manager suddenly looked up at Silas, feeling bewildered.

He wasn't talking to him. Why did he come over?

But considering that Silas was Lucas's friend, the manager thought that it would be inappropriate for him to say much, so he could only keep smiling and asked, "Then, shall I take all of you to the King's Room now?"

While speaking, he cast a questioning gaze to Lucas.

Silas was standing in front of the manager, blocking his line of sight. He patted his shoulder enthusiastically and said, "Haha, Mr. Frey, please show us the way!"

Lucas was amused, but he didn't say anything.

Thus, they followed the manager to the prestigious King's Room of Club Aurora.

As soon as they stepped inside the room, almost everyone gasped in shock.


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