1097 Killer Under the Car

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After stopping the white-bearded old man, Lucas didn't immediately attack him but stood in front of him and persuaded him earnestly, "Sir, you're a rare senior expert. If you really fight to the death with me, there's a high chance you'll die in my hands. It would be a great pity for an expert like you to die here.

"Moreover, it's not worth it for someone as skilled as you to fight to the death to protect a good-for-nothing like Jace. So, if you're willing to join my side now, I can assure you that I can give you everything that the Whitleys give you. In fact, I can give you double."

Lucas's expression was very serious.

Although he had only fought with the white-bearded old man once, the strength the old man displayed was incredible, and he was even stronger than Jordan. In particular, he was almost as fast as Lucas.

If such a powerhouse could submit to Lucas, it would be of great help to him.


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